Loop Genny Belt Tension.

Putting my new acquisition up on the table this weekend for a once over. I’ll be checking belt tension for the generator (is it an alternator or a dynamo?). How tight should the belt feel?


As slack as you dare. Too much tension will wreck the generator bearing. Check your bracket for cracks too. I’ve welded a strengthening plate into mine after it fell in half. The 2 fixings bolts have a tendency to break or unscrew themselves too.

Didn’t read the question properly earlier. Should be a Bosch dynamo if original but many people convert to alternator. Not sure why as the dynamo makes plenty of electricity.

Shim between lower pulley halves to adjust

And bolt any unused shims back onto the front of the pulley.Don’t leave them on the bench.This maintains the effective length of the three pulley bolts which could, if shims are left out, catch on the casting behind the pulley.