Loop Manuel.

Ci Ci.

What are the best manuals to go for? I like stuff I can hold in my grubby mitts out in the workshop. So far I’ve downloaded and had printed off a sweet little pdf titled ‘Tune up guide for the shade tree mechanic’ and ordered a copy of Chiltons Moto Guzzi Repair and Tune up Guide.

There should be some useful info on here, but you will have to print them off


Good link Don. The factory manual for the 850 loop is on there, and also the owner handbook.

Chiltons guide and Greg Benders site are in my view all you really need.Guzziology is very handy too but very expensive.The factory manual and Chiltons are almost identical.


Loops here :smiley:

I’ve done a few loop wiring diagrams if you need one?

Thanks. I really hope not.