Loop mirror

My Eldorado arrives next week and it has only got one mirror. All the bikes I look at seem to have the same mirrors, that have a clamp that fastens to the handle bars, but I can’t find them for sale anywhere. Does anyone know a supplier?

here ya gohttp://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?cPath=41&osCsid=e603f1e9eb895c90a534027f734cabf5

Great thanks, that’s the one. It’ll just cost about £50 in postage and taxes to get it!

were you looking at complete clamp on mirrors?

plenty of options if so…


or if you want seperate clamps that mirrors screw into, seems to be mainly black ones out there…

They look pretty much what’s on, I’ll check when I get home, thanks Neil.

Does this loop frame need work or is it already all up and running?

BUSTERS. have the handel bar mirror clamps on ther site.

It is very much up and running and will be here on Thursday (touch wood - on both!)