Loop no-go

I was out and about on the Loop at the weekend; just a couple of local forays. But there is something I suspected before of which now I am sure - I can’t start the bike when it is in gear.
I was told that the bike would originally have started off the key – car style, with an extra part turn after the ign is on so as to engage the starter. But regardless, mine now has the big black button under the RH switch gear.

I presume that the neutral light circuit has to be closed for the button to be energised. Does this sound like std wiring? I shall want to by-pass it, so if this sounds familiar can anyone point me to where in the loom I’m likely to find this.


Note to Chris – I’ve lost the wiring diag that you did me at Xmas so I’m in the market for another one.

The V850 Eldorardo had that system with a starter button on the right hand side, and the neutral switch is connected to the starter circuit. Other loops have the two independent with the ignition key activating the starter. Maybe I should have a look at it with you over a brew?

If I remember correctly the starter relay is earthed via the neutral switch. I disconnected it and earthed the relay permanently to the frame. This means I can start her in any gear with the clutch pulled in.

I’ve checked the wiring diagram and happily (just for a change)I do remember rightly. :smiley: