Loop screen

Happy new year all, when i bought my Eldorado a couple years ago, included in the sale was a pespex screen, ive been toying with the idea of fitting it to the bike, as far as i can make out its a proper joby, but itll need a bit of messing about with to get it installed, before going ahead with it i thought id ask if anyone had any experiance of riding a loop with and without a screen and maybe an opinion as to the pros and cons, i dont ride particularly fast but sometimes like to blat on a bit, especially trying to keep up with my mate on his beemer on A and B roads, Im sure the screen will change things and was wondering how much. I did put a small sceen on a Triumph T140 once, 10 miles down the road came home and took it off and sold it on, not good. Anyway be glad to hear about any experiances in this regard. Thanks

I’m riding my Eldorado with a large screen (similar to T3 Cali) mounted on it. Previously I ran it for a few months without. I also have a T3 with a Cali screen and a V50 with a large touring screen. I like to ride with a pudding basin and goggles so prefer that set up for long distance work, even if I prefer the naked look.

I don’t find that it amplifies the engine noise too much, but it is important to get the height and angle set correctly to prevent that awful condition known as helmet buffeting.

I think that the proper Loop fittings run up from the forks which places the screen quite well forwards. Mine mounts on the handlebars and headlight retaining bolts so is somewhat closer to me than that.

Happy for you to try out my set up on a dry unsalted day. I’m mid-Essex.

Hi Cyclobutch, thanks for the input and the offer, im in Somerset so a bit far away to take it up, the screen i have mounts on brackets that run from the top yoke and bolt to the bottom yoke pinch bolts, trouble is the spacing on the screen brackets is too wide thats where the messing about comes in. I know that putting this screen on will alter the feel of the bike, stearing etc, and the faster you go the more effect itll have as i say i do blat along sometimes and dont want to be restricted to 55mph because of the handling caracteristics maybe caused by the screen. Without the screen the Eldo is comfortable enough to about 60 after that you are hanging on and its quite tiring, at 65-70 you really are hanging on, not sustainable for long periods. Looks like ill have to bite the bullit and do whats nesassary to fit it and try it. Was just asking about this to save the messing about, thought maybe someone might have had the experience and a difinitive answer but i supose you have to try it for yourself.

I think there are 2 original-type screens for loops. I have the “Police” type on mine which mounts to the handlebar clamps with two V-shaped brackets. I think it’s also suppose to pick up the headlamp mounting bolts but mine had never been drilled. I made a little bracket that fixes underneath instead. I keep it on all year round as I like the look but:

  • it can be a bit hot in the summer
  • it does start to weave a bit at around 90mph
    I haven’t noticed any buffeting, but I’m not especially tall.

The other type is a flatter screen which fits on brackets up the sides of the forks. I think these may be height-adjustable.

Will try and find some photos later if I remember.


Mine is the far bike, with the white Police fairing. I think it is either the same or very similar to the screen on the Nuovo Falcone.
The other 2 both have the screen brackets which clamp to the upper part of the fork leg. I don’t know if the screen on the middle one is original type, but looks to be height-adjustable. It belongs to Dave P, who is sometimes on this forum, but more often on Guzziriders.
Greg Bender’s “This Old Tractor” website has scans of parts catalogues so may give clues.


PS - these are all 850GT’s not Eldorados!

I had an Eldorado LAPD bike. I liked the look much better without the screen, but it was really nice to ride with it. It was a pucka police screen and fitted to the brackets on the forks and I had absolutely no problems blatting down motorways and it kept me reasonably dry on top in the most horrendous rain between the Somme and Ypres and was great with my open face helmet. I now have an Ambassador LAPD and have all the bracketry but no screen, so as I like the look better without and I’ve painted it funky I’ll try without first, just to look cool! (I’ve never looked cool in my life)

Thanks for the replys, jmee54,s has made up my mind to go ahead and take the trouble to make up some spacers etc to fit the screen that i have onto the Eldo, sounds like itll make an improvement to comfort without limiting handling and performance. Will post my views later as to the pros and cons of riding a loop with and without a screen. Till then cheers.

Just to add - the screen on mine has made no appreciable difference to the handling. The steering feels no heavier and I suffer no weave at speed. Having said that, I probably haven’t been much beyond 75 per (as measured by GPS).

Hi all, well ive been out with the screen on now and done about 50miles, while its still fresh in my mind i thought id post my observations. I didnt notice any difference in handling, Im quite tall so had the screen set at full height with the bracketry I have, top at about eye level, theres a bit of buffeting around the side of the open faced helmet and top, but minimal effect on my face, can even look over the screen with hardly any difference, keeps all wind off your body and your up to 60 before you know it. You do get more engine noise especially tappet clatter. Dosnt seem to have affected performance, gets up to speed just as quick. If I wasnt going to do more than 60 id probable leave the screen off but its nice to blat on a bit now and again, so for the protction it gives you ill put up with more engine noise, and I think astheticly it really does suit the bike. one more thing might lower the screen a bit so that i can look over it a bit easier. There we are happy days.

I have a “Bates” American screen for my Eldo (actually I also have a matching tour pack rear box/seat rest too) I have never used tin anger, but might give it a go this summer :open_mouth: