Loop - Sloppy Seconds

And firsts, and thirds and fourths and fifths.

Well that didn’t last long. Loaded up for the Clox on Saturday morning and I must have got all of a half mile before my shift pedal went all wayward on me. I’d guess the box return spring is bust, and it was well nigh impossible managing down shifts so I had to return home and reload onto Blue before heading out again.

Apparently swapping out the spring on a four speed box is not such a big deal. 'Cept as per the first line - mine has five. Word on the street is that you need a hacksaw and two car jacks if you want to crab the fame on these.

At least my Clymer manual has arrived from the States now. Reckon I’ll probably send the box to Nigel for a good look over whilst it is out, and take a view on wear on the clutch whilst I’m in there. It’s not at the front of the queue to go up on the table right now though.

And so as not to be left out, Blue broke a clutch cable. :smiley:

Blue dun good. Handling was getting a bit squiffy - rear cover was pretty much through to the canvas by the time I got home. New Boots and Panties?