Loop Throttle – Wringing it’s neck

I think I’ve posted on this before. I’m finding the effort on the twist grip almost overwhelming for my poor limp wrists. I bought some new springs (same weight – couldn’t get lighter) and cut them down. That left a throttle that was still hard work, but also resulted in the slides tending to stick a little (great with the dodgy front brake – see separate thread).

The twist grip is marked up as a Tomaselli Daytona. Which I took to be a quick action. It takes around a quarter turned from closed to open, but I’m not now convinced this is maybe fairly normal. I’ve currently got the later waffle type grips, though they are not in their first flush. I’ve since bought the original type two tone barrel grips, but they’re quite hard plastic so I’ve yet to try and fit them – and which will be increased faff as I have heater mats fitted under the current grips.

I’ve also got plumbers self-sealing tape on the RH grip to help. I’ve also tried a paddle on this one (I also have these on the Pearl and Blue), but it makes the brake lever difficult to reach for.

What are other Loop owners using?

I have one of those wrist rest devices on mine. I think 1/4 turn to fully open is normal.

Doesn’t sound ideal. My R80 also had “plastic” grips. Springs were not overly strong (butterfly throttles) but nevertheless I had a bunch of elastic bands wrapped around the grip for a while. Then put more rubbery grips on, also replaced the gears inside the twistgrip (yes really), which were worn, was much better after that.

Removed 1 into 2 set up (which was like a cruise control…gulp!) and replaced with Tomaselli twin cable. Standard everything else.

Interesting thread. My V7 Special has the standard one into two cable arrangement and the standard twistgrip.The grips are the original black and white type.I haven’t established what weight of spring is in the carbs but the throttle action is as light as the proverbial feather.
My 850 GT has the standard twin pull “nameless” twistgrip and is only slightly heavier than the other but gives no problems.I did, however, replace the standard waffle grips with a similar profile grip to the Special but in plain black.These grips were an improvement over the rather thin waffle type.

My 2 loop throttles are also unobtrusive…I’ve always thought a heavy throttle can make a bike feel slow…

Yesterday I made up some spacers so that I could fit new Cali T3 type throttle cables. Checked through everything. Connected everything up. Same tough pull.

Today I did some re-engineering to try a Docherty type twin cable pull. Still with the same effect. So back to the Tomasselli.

The twist grip with cables but no slides connected is as light as you like. Each of the slides is free and lovely in the carb body. But together it’s all a bit of a fight.

I now have on order from the States - it was the only place I could find them, some of the softer springs.

I did find (on my Tontis) cable routing can be critical. Minimum bends wherever poss.

I thought the loop frames had the Super practic throttle fitted as standard which is a much slower pull, this in turn equates to greater leverage to pull the slides and less tug required to open the throttles. It does mean you need 2 handfulls to open it up fully
Just my thoughts.

Yeah - they were originally a one into two set up with a splitter under the tank. The body of my splitter is still under there. I guess it’s pretty much the same as the choke set up.

A slower pull would give the advantage I need of course - availability and pricing on a Super practic is probably going to be overwhelming though.

Not hugely more expensive than some Tomaselli stuff. But expensive enough. :open_mouth:

You can pick up an old Super Practic fairly cheap, keep an eye on ebay. I did have a spare, but passed it onto a guy in Peterborough for his Lodola.


Ouch. And on top of which I’ll have to sort out cabling and the two into one box.

I guess for now I’ll wait on those lighter springs and see how they go once fitted. Then I’ll take it from there.

But thanks.

They come up a lot cheaper than that at times, or I gave mine away far to cheap at a tenner! :laughing:

$99 cripes. :astonished: Plus “shipping” plus whatever Revenue & Customs want to add on.

Finally had my lighter springs turn up from the States. Fitted them yesterday and they are a big improvement - possibly now good enough. Worry is whether they are at least up to the job of dropping the slides when required - if they work just fine then why would the tougher springs be fitted as std?

I’ll not be road testing them in this weather so first run out could be the first leg towards the Clox on Friday - not ideal.

Used light slide springs on both my big blocks for many years, never had them stick or hang up, including being left idle over the Winter months. Mind you I used to make sure they were lubed, which was usually accomplished by oiling the cables fairly regular, which also meant it dribbled into top of carbs.


Wow - what a difference. It being a dry if salt encrusted night, and feeling the call of Astro Club I figured I’d Loop over there. I must have been half way over before I realised I’d not even been thinking of the throttle tension. It’s revelation. And no sticky throttles, yesterday at least. Reckon I’m all fixed up.

Where did you get the springs please mate?

MG Cycle;


But note the following;
Their postal charges to the UK are horrible.
They use USPS which more often than not attracts additional duty and an eye watering handling charge at this end. (I got clobbered).

I actually bought two pairs thinking I would lay off some of my postage costs selling the second set on. But I’m an idiot - I also have a T3 and I’m now going to fit those in that. Duh.

Best bet would likely be to poll folks here and then place a larger order. Or better still, find some more local.