Loop Voltage Regulator

Probly gonna wanna put a solid state VR on Jug. It’s currently running a Bosch Dynamo - I presume std fitment on this bike. I’m looking at the stuff at DynamoRegulators;


And more specifically their DVR4 unit.


So I’m 12V -ve Earth. But there is an option on current limit with this unit. Anyone here able to advise what would be best?


Your Bosch dynamo has an output of 300 watts at 12 volts’. The standard regulator is rated at 25amps. So I guess the 22amp option that you are looking at would be fine. After all, you aren’t using the full capacity of your dynamo which was intended to run electrical extras as used by the police. Unless of course, someone better qualified knows differently. I’m always happy to learn.

This is another option.

Is it broke? Because if it isn’t broke…
I’m running original dynamo and regulator on mine with no problems. I have heard that many US owners fit an alternator.

Battery has taken on a bulging over stuffed look. Doing a few tests and considering my options. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Presume it is a sealed one? Whatever, a nasty potentially dangerous situation and overcharging is most likely cause.


I have fitted an alternator to my Eldo, great upgrade

Had a splendiforous ride out on early Saturday evening along the Essex/Suffolk borders, then staying over with some pals in Manningtree. Sunday morning the old Jug starter seemed a little slower than usual - maybe that battery is feeling the pressure now. I might swap in the one from Blue for the rest of the summer.

But best I test the VR at the same time - I don’t want to end up with a bill for two batteries. Is it just a case of checking I’m not getting any more than around 14.5 volts with a few revs dialed in?