Lost registration document

as i am not about to be riding for a while, and the government overcharge me for VED, I thought i would sorn the bike
now I had both the car log book and the bikes log book and scanned them up to gain my Crit D air tickets
I found the car log book tucked away with all my documents from when I visited France
but in spite of emptying out and going through my desk, filing cabinet and every other place under the sun, it is not anywhere to be seen

so I went online to order one, and guess what, its not free any more
25 quid

but then if I sorn it I can probably save 50
not sure how my maths works out !!!
but I will scan this one. lock it away in the safe , and probably forget about it again
on the website it does not say you need to pay, only if it does not arrive after 2 weeks
ah well I suppose they need to make up the money they lost when they employed fraudsters to print the log books !!
so keep hold of your log book
copy it and keep a scanned copy on file

any one like to take a bet on how many hours after getting the new one, the old one arrives

I have also lost a big shiny box containing some very specialisted screwdriver bits


perhaps there is a hidden link to another world here !

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What a surprise
my new log book arrived today on the first of the month
so thats another month of VED I have to Pay !!!
I will be scanning this one up and printing several copies off !!!
its almost as if they knew my cunning plan