Lower foot pegs on 850t

Loving my newly acquired 850t with the exception of (for me) the too high foot pegs. Finding it a bit cramped on a long run. Wondering if there is a solution out there to lower them at all? Many thanks

Unfortunately they are on cast carriers and so are fixed. If you wanted to lower then you would have to apply a lot of heat (red hot) and bend them. You would also have to alter the rear brake and gear shift controls. I cut the foot peg carriers off in front of the two carrier bolts and made new foot pegs out of solid bar, drilled and tapped to the inner face to accept a bolt through one of these holes. The round bar is stainless steel and of a diameter to take standard foot peg rubbers. I did this as I wanted rear set foot pegs to suit the conversion to 750S style. Let me know if you would like any photos posted here.

An alternative would be to add padding to the seat.

Best of luck

Chris, Thanks so much for this… wow sounds a bit complicated for me, sadly dont think I have anything like your expertise to do such a modification…!! like the idea of a less squidgy seat though a couple of inches would make (ahem) a world of difference.

I have had a few seats recovered by “Mick the Seat” in Stanway, Colchester. He does car trimming mainly but is very good on bike seats. If you are not near him try and find a local trimmer to you.

My original 850T seat was vey thin, I liked the look of it though. I got a replacement one after some accident damage from a Convert that was at least 2" thicker, I didn’t like it so swapped the foam from the original 850T seat. Most seats from around this time were interchangeable but now getting rarer, so altering your own seat may be a cheaper solution.

Best of luck

Thanks again Chris… Im on the Suffolk Coast so Mick not a million miles away…

PM sent

Chris you kindly offered advice on how to lower the footpegs on my 850 T a year back… think Ive found someone who has the skills do it for me… would you mind posting a couple of pics of your modification so I can show him… many thanks

Best David

Hello David, my own modifications would not help you as I have raised the foot pegs and moved them further back so as to be rear sets, not lowered them.


I cut off the front of the cast foot peg carrier and made a new solid peg that bolts on to the rear of the two lower frame bolts. I have swapped the brake for the gear change because at the time I was riding the Guzzi and my Triumph and I wanted the controls to be the same. The brake lever was shortened and bent whilst hot with a bolt added to take the lever rubber. The brake fits to the cross shaft on its splined ends so was easier to swap.


The right hand side was similarly butchered but the cross shaft was altered to move the lug that takes the link up to the back of the gearbox from one side to the other. The original welding was ground out and the lug rewelded on the other side upside down as the shaft and gear selector pedal are joined and so rotated 180 degrees.



It would be possible to alter the gear shift to lower it as I have (obviously you do not have to swap the sides or shorten it) and the foot peg carriers would have to be bent to lower them. This would require heat to get them to cherry red then carefully bend to suit. The brake lever could just be rotated to suit on the splines to suit.

My alterations were to provide rear sets, these are much further back and are also raised from standard but suit the café racer style of my bike.

Best of luck

Chris, thanks for this… although Im kinda doing the opposite, extremely useful…
Best David

David, I get the difference between our modifications (as noted above) you would need to remove the cast foot peg carriers and get the front arm of the carriers bent to be lower (not too far or you may ground them out on roundabouts!) Then change the foot controls to suit. Brake leaver is a doddle but the gear leaver may need bending with heat as for the foot peg carriers.

I hope this helps