Lower rear suspension

I’ve just bought a Cali 1100EV, 2000 and want to lower the back end a bit and I have heard the best way to do this would by putting on different rear suspension, does anyone know which ones I could use to knock off an inch or so?
Appreciate all assistance.

i believe that Hagon will build “to spec”, to some extent and they’re on the ‘budget end’ of the scale. worth giving them a call, maybe, or an email.

whether one can just “shorten the shocks” without addressing other factors, I don’t know, but perhaps others might.

It might sllightly modify the head hangle and trail, but your main difficulty is mudguard clearance at full bounce. Take care…

Lower seats may be a safer way to go - not cheap, but I bet that someone on the forum can recommend a good seat builder.

Ok thanks, I know ya have to watch the angle for the drive shaft and the wheel v’s mudguard clearance just wondered if it was possible I guess, maybe not a good idea to go that way. Thanks to all who have advised on this thread.