magneto rebuild wanted

can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable magneto rebuilder please? Most UK specialists don’t do Italian mags. Thanks

Hello Mr Bacon,

Have you tried Dave Lindsley ?

I found this site when I was looking for somebody to help with my mag, but then found that my mag was ok, I just needed to adjust the points.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I don’t know if he work on Magnetti Marelli mags, but worth giving him a call ( if yu haven’t already ).

Good Luck.

Hi Richard,
Thank you for the tip. I think Dave Lindsley does do Marelli but in 1990 he charged me £130 to fix a BSA M20 mag, about the most common thing in England, and it never worked. To put the price in context, the bike cost £650. It caused me so much grief that I ended up selling the bike. Now with 30 years of magneto experience behind me, I know he botched the job. Sorry to go into rant mode but that episode nearly put me off older bikes for life. Maybe he was having an off day but I’m afraid he doesn’t get a second chance.

Well, thanks for letting us know. And don’t apologise for he rant. It’s always useful to be alerted to bad engineers as well as the good ones.

I’ve decided to send the mag of to Adrian Gorvin, Magneto Magician in Devon. I’ll let the forum know how it goes🙏

Hi know quite a bit about this also a friend recently converted to electronic. Happy to help Ratt

Hi roger sorry I’ve had no internet for a while. We did speak back in February. Coincidentally the mag has just been back to th magneto Magician as the spark was intermittent. He said it was a failure in th low tension side and has fixed it. It’s black magic to me but I would not expect ANYTHING to fail after a complete rebuild. What say you?

Hi happy to pass on info send contact details or PM and I’ll send mine, a small group of us have quite a knowledge about these.

Regards Ratt

I can’t seem to send a pm but we have spoken before. We have a mutual friend in Derek Wardell who can pass my Gmail address on to you, it would be interesting to understand a little more about these mags. I heard that you sorted another one recently that had been been “rebuilt”

Yes Derek is part of the Proud Mary’s motorcycle club ( three of us ) he has my E Mail and phone number happy to help :+1: