Magnum Force

Just seen the San Francisco PD V7 eldorado in Magnum Force, the Clint Eastwood movie, ridden by a vigilante police officer. Great view of the bike, only thing is it sounded like a British vertical twin.

Good film. I like all those Dirty Harry movies.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

And it turns into something else at the end - from memory he kickstarts it.

I did see him kickstart it once, and later on in the movie it sounded more like a Harley.

The one Eastwood rides around on on the derelict aircraft carrier is definitely a Meriden Triumph but before the cooperative I think. That’s how he can kickstart it (and it has no electric starter anyway).

I can never get a good look at the two bikes that the rogue cops ride up the gangplank while chasing after him when he first goes on board, because it means one of them has to be the Triumph.

Great film series.
The Guzzi-Triumph switch is a classic continuity gaff in cinema. They used it in an editing session that my pal sat in on at Keele Uni.
Some great footage of David Soul on the Guzzi.