Main Stand for 1200 Sport 4V ?

Any good person know where I could source a main stand for a 1200 Sport 4V, please ?

Also a prop stand extension ?

Many thanks.

I bought a centre stand through a Guzzi dealer (can’t remember which one, but it was not a UK one), but when it came to fitting it, it required too much dismantling of other parts of the frame, so in the end I didn’t fit it. Sold it on last year I’m afraid.

Yip, sold it to me, Got it fitted after a fair bit of faffing around, one problem was the rubber bung didn’t connect to anything so i had to fit a bung onto a jubilee clip round the exhaust to stop the stand clanging off the exhaust. The other problem only became apparent when two-up loaded with panniers etc, not a lot of ground clearance! Don’t quite understand that as i thought the frame etc was identical to the breva’s which seem to have plenty clearance. Answers on a postcard to…

Thanks for getting back, chaps. Yes, I know now it wouldn’t fit my bike anyway as I have a Manreli exhaust fitted and it would foul the main stand. Oh well.

I now need a good prop stand extension ! :slight_smile: