Making Le Mans tall rider firendly

Hi Ladies and Gents, in paticular Le Mans owners.Does anybody have any adivce on making a Le Mans more friendly to taller riders. I’m 6’2 and I love my bike to bits, but on long distance trips I find my legs begin to suffer. It’s mainly my legs which ache, the seat is allright and so is the reach.I’m just after ay suggestions to make the bike more comfortable for long distances.Thanks

First I have removed the fairing lowers to save my knees!!Mine has Tarrozzi rearsets which I think put the foot controls in a better postion. I have also fitted straignt bars (drag bars) to replace the clip ons and used a handlebar riser set I took of my BMW. This moved the hand controls up and back and at 6ft is a great fit. With this configuration it is easily the most comfortable bike I own (you don’t often hear that said about the LM models!!)and is my choice again for my annual pilgramige to the classic raod races at Chimay this year.

I am 6’2" as well and mine has Tarozzi rear sets as well -I am exactly the same -the reach is great and seat fine, but legs get a bit weary after a while. The best thing I hve found to cure the leg ache is a cup of tea.And a wander round the car park to stretch your legs…

I put T3 footrests/carriers on.

I’m 5’ 10" BTW

Hi I am 6ft 1 with long legs and still chose a Mk1 !!. My bike came with rear sets and I found it very difficult to get my ankles to quickly bend to operate both brakes and gears resulting in an over reliance on front brake (de linked brakes) diving forks and more weight on arms/bending in middle - in brief not the best for a 50 something re living a teenage dream.
I have now found and fitted the OE rests, pedals etc. and find I can fine tune pedal position, put weight through rests (which I could not with rear sets), relinked brakes etc, all in all better for changing position around bike and stopping knees and hips getting cramped up. Still not comfy for long journeys and all for cup of tea solution. I have also heard of seat pad or custom seat to increase pedal bum distance helping.

Thanks Peter

Thanks gents this is really helpfull. I just want it a little more comfortable for the longer treks.

HiyaI’m 6’2" and find I get a bit of hip cramp on longer journeys. I use Tarozzi rearsets and my legs can feel a bit scrunched up after a while. I suspect its being “stuck” in the one position that causes this.So I do as Dan says and stop for a cup of tea and a leg stretch. If you’re on a motorway you can always move your feet to the pillion pegs for a while.On shorter journeys I love the position!Good luck.

I’ve always thought Guzzis were not designed for large people in the first place

Even the Spada’s rider space was “compact & bijou”, never mind the LM

STd footrest position works for me, i am 6 foot tall and the tarozzi rearsets were a nightmare until i re-fitted the original onesDave

Sorry I’m only 5ft 6 so fit my Lemans 3 fine, there is something to say about being short. But I do need help to reach the top shelve in the news agents

I am glad this is being talked about.

I am 6,2" (and skinny) and aged 23 - I ride a Mk 1 Le Mans, with standard controls. I do not find the legs or arms get stiff. But if I ride the bike everyday for a couple of weeks My shoulder blades & back become very painful. (maybe Clutch or throttle effort?)

Does anyone have any advise on this subject as I am going to be on the bike for the next 2 weeks in the lake district…

The arms shoulders is the lean forward position, one “cure” is get to a gym and work those muscles. the other is the Heli bar conversion, not cheap but work OR one of the best set of bars to get, if you can find them are the multi position “Jota bars” they work real well on any sports type bike

Another good cure for arm fatigue is to wait until you’re over 30 & grow a proper beer gut. I find mine an excellent support when I rest it on the SV’s tank, I can bend my arms and tuck my knees inside my elbows. I need to drop the footpegs at least an inch though as knees get stiff, & I’m a mere 6’1". Never ridden a Le Mans, anyone want to lend me theirs?

Steelidan - did you ever find a cure?Mcfuzzi Thank you for your response I am currently working on the beer gut rather than working out at the gym.

Hi… when I had my tarozzi rear sets a friend made up some stainless adjusters in place of linkages which allowed me to get the correct ankle bend (for me), previously bend was strained and this impacted on my whole leg. With OE pegs fitted I have again benefited from correct adjustment.

Selling mine is not an option - the le mans has been a part of our household for far longer than I have…I am now looking at different bar options.

To make the throttle easier fit the lightest weight throttle springs.
I went as far as flat tops and a 2 into 1 cable conversion.
Moto Spezial, who no longer exist unfortunatly, did a swan neck handlebar system which is far better than Jota bars (been through all that). You may find some 2nd hand. Dave Richardsons shop in USA sold them, he may still have some stock.
In liu of a beer gut buy a Baglux tank bag system to rest your manly 6 pack on, much more usefull and saves your knees wearing out the tank paint.

Thank you, I have looked at baglux and sent them a message.however I can not find any contact details for Dave on google.

google moto international or dave richardson moto guzzi.