Mandello 2021

Is anyone planning to ride to Mandello in 2021?

It is to be, probably, my final big road trip, which I am trying to plan now. I am not sure whether to ship my bike somewhere near, by one of the shuttle things (v expensive) or ride. If I ship I will fly with my significant other, maybe ride back. If I ride she is pillion - plenty of possible reasons I can think of for a stressful journey. She says she won’t fly on her own. Anyone else riding and sending partner by plane?
I am thinking of doing a bit of touring whilst there, maybe a two week jolly.

Anyone any plans. I would love to be part of a group ride.

In addition to the above, has anyone a route they can share with me with stopover info? Cheers John.

I am riding with my younger brother and nephew, although we plan to avoid Suisse, and to take a meandering route and do some sightseeing
as he will be mounted on a V35TT speed will not be an option

One year to go and counting, till I set off!

We are going, but naturally setting of from the South of France.

Fortified French Retreat (Pete & Vikki Morcombe’s / Reboot place) is a great stop over, in easy reach of the Channel.

Also Roger’s partner Hilary wrote a nice article for Gambalunga last year (Sept / Oct 2019) about their trip to Mandello with Hotel tips.

I’m in.

Eurotunnel, Eastern France, meet Madame in Basle, then meet her again in Italy.

She’s going by train, probably more comfortable for both of us.

I’m hoping to come home via Le Mans, just to take the photo of a LeMans…


What are the latest thoughts on this?

To me, it is still looking like a load of hassle even if you are double vaccinated. I am not sure whether we would be let into Italy or not without quarantine, and you still have to get an expensive PCR test after you get back to the UK. Plus there is the risk if failing a test before you go, and potential insurance hassles etc.

Are borders say between France and Italy currently closed, so you have to show documentation to get through?

Hi - I was chatting to a friend who lives in Vienna. 2 weeks ago he drove to Italy for a week long holiday. No border checks. No problems. No tests. It remains to be seen whether the stand out yellow GB number plate will attract discriminatory action from the various polizei. Personally, unless I hear that our good friends the French are refusing entry I intend to go.

Serena mentioned in Gambalunga that I just opened that they might be making it locals only this year. Seems there is already some planning for an event next year instead (“Screaming Eagle tour”)

I’ve decided not to go this year. At this time we are not even allowed into Italy without quarantine :frowning:

Is it not currently the case that you need to take a PCR test on arrival in France and wait for result before you can travel onward?

Regarding France, I think you are OK if you can show you are double vaccinated. You have to take at least a lateral flow test 48 hours before you go on the tunnel or ferry though.

You have an issue of course if you fail, you can’t go! The other issue is coming back, if you pick something up you will be stuck. This is a real risk with infections rocketing at the moment, even if the vast majority don’t have any symptoms.

Plus at the moment you cannot go into Italy from the UK at all without quarantine.

I have cancelled my Mandello reservation now and we have planned a trip to The Highlands instead, via Liverpool and Middlesbrough and back via Keswick. Might pop into the Alt Raduno on the Black Isle while we are there.

As it stands today (15th July), the 100 Years Festivities in Mandello will take place, with the support of Moto Guzzi, the town of Mandello etc.
This is the official Facebook page of the “Comitato Motoraduno Internazionale” Comitato motoraduno internazionale
you will find more info here than on their Website

What happens with the borders in September is everyones best guess :unamused: , and you will need to look closer to the time at the restrictions that the individual countries have, incl your return to the UK.

At the moment there are no border controls in the EU (and associated countries), legally you must be double vaccinated or have a negative PCR test (if you live in the EU). I just came back from a 3000 km tour across France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium (and last week I was in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), there are as pre-covid no Border control facilities (apart from Switzerland), and the Swiss were not checking, but I have a french number plate!
There is talk to extend the “Covid Health Pass” from crossing borders to entries to restaurants, museums etc. and you need to scan a QR code (or leave your address on a sheet of paper) if you go in a restaurant, venue etc.

Maybe not that helpfull, but this how it stands at the moment, no rumors :smiley:

Cheers Uki

Thanks Uki, I think that is helpful.

It sounds to me as if the potential problems for us Brits could be:

  1. If you get caught in Italy and have not isolated on entry. I suspect this is unlikely but possible and not sure what the penalty might be. As things stand, you have to isolate in Italy even if double vaccinated if you have come from UK.
  2. If you get a positive test before you leave the UK and can’t go, losing your bookings.
  3. If you test positive before your trip back and have to stay on.
  4. You get pinged by the NHS contract tracing app just before going and have to isolate (this is likely to change before September however, if you are double vaccinated)

I guess if you have been double vaccinated a positive test is unlikely, however I think it is possible and could come as a shock as you are unlikely to be showing symptoms.

For me, this all too much of a minefield, as I cannot afford to have to isolate for any period.

I agree and for that reason I’m out too

I’m possibly going from the North of Scotland to meet a friend and others at the Dover ferry before onward travel. If things go downhill beforehand about isolation or closed borders I’ll do a tour of friends in England.
Presently trying to de-cafe racer my recently bought G5 and renew a few of the dodgier bits😄

They are still not sure if it will go ahead now. Watch this space… :confused:

All I can add is, please don’t fall for rumors, either look at the official Facebook page of the “Comitato Motoraduno Internazionale” Comitato motoraduno internazionale

or look at the Club Website

Travel restrictions will of course be a problem if you are coming from the UK.
All borders however on the Continent (EU) are open and you just need to have been double vaccinated or have a negative PCR test.

In France and Italy you will most probably by then show this “Health Pass” as well for entry in Restaurants, public transport, museums, bars etc.

Cheers Uki


40 odd years ago I did a stint of travel with a chap that recently wrote a book about his amazing trip to Cape Town on a Mk1 Le Mans, a yacht race and his travels around the Americas. The same chap knew me as Jeff then. I was a bit immature and considered the name Godfrey inadequately cool enough for the 70s. He made the effort to track me down a month ago, and suggested we meet to do the European section of the trip to Mandello. So, if possible, I’d like to make the effort.