Mandello accommodation

There’s a faint chance I may be able to go to Mandello in September for the 95th birthday bash. Anyone been there and can recommend somewhere to stay [or to avoid]. Or is it already too late to book anywhere even though we don’t know the actual dates? :unamused:

Last October I stayed at Mama Ciccia’s in the middle of Mandello, based on some recommendations from club members here. They have a good restaurant.
There are some amazing vilas around the lake which might be good, but expensive.

Hi yes I can second that, three of us stayed at Mamas last July. Very clean and fairly basic but lovely staff and our bikes were locked up in a garage. We ate there one night & had breakfast, all good. The other 2 nights the restaurant was shut but they recommended a pizza place, food was good but staff a bit dour. Hope you have a good time.

I stayed at Al Verde hotel last year which was fine. Food is good but a fair walk up/down to town. May be full already though. The Kupferpaste club from Germany had block booked almost all the rooms and I was the only non-German staying there. I believe the date is now confirmed as 9-11 Sept so you’d better be quick.

Yes, it must be 9-11 Sept because all the town centre hotels are already fully booked for that weekend. Arse. :frowning:

I believe the club is organizing a campsite
can you bring a tent ?

This club here? I hadn’t noticed anything, but it could be a big help. If I go to Mandello it will be part of a larger trip so I’ll have camping gear.

Stay tuned for an announcement soon on camping at Mandello in Sept.

Or we could block book one of them there lakeside villas :stuck_out_tongue:

By all means go ahead, if i can make it i have somewhere booked.

I was thinking that arranging the villa was more of a job for the committee. Especially the payment bit. :wink:

Of course now that I’ve read this month’s Gambalunga I know that yes indeed there are plans for a camp.

Very interesting. Booked one next there early July so I’m a little less apprehensive. Three and a half week solo tour with Lefkas as the far point. Staying here on way back. Only problem is what bike? Head (and bum) says use Suzuki GSX600F Katana. Heart saying V7 Stone. Probably end up toss of coin.

I once stayed at a B&B in Somana just above Mandello. The owner Anna Maria is very nice and the views are amazing. They give 10% discount to Bikers too.!home/mainPage

If you want to camp then “Camping Spiaggia SRL” is just a few minutes ride south of mandello right next to the lake, prices are cheep and the site is clean with restaurant/ pub on site. they even have tiny chalets… be warned these are no bigger than a double bed and the walls are no thicker than a sheet of 5 ply!

Still some accommodation in Mandello. 5 nights 2 persons double room B&B approx £220. From 08 to 13/09/2016
For example: []

it seems I’m now spoilt for choice, so thanks to everyone. Now all I need to do is find out if I can actually go.

Is their any further news about the club campsite in Mandello for this wee trip?

I have a rather nice little cafe bar I hide out in, its in the town just down by the Church, a bit hard to find as it is at the back of a newsagents
but the food is superb
its on a need to know basis I dont want the riff raff ruining it for me !!!