Mandello Del Lario

I have a yearning for a trip. I love Italy and ride Guzzis, so what could be more sensible than a ride to Mandello Del Lario as part of a holiday in Italy. With the 100th anniversary coming up I thought that might be a good time to go. It gives me a while to cement the idea into someone’s brain either as a pillion or as freight and to save some cash!
Anyway, is there any sort of club activity being planned? It’s going to be packed, so am I too late to book accommodation anywhere near? Where’s a good place for a day or two? I want to tour about a bit too. Has anyone tried the shuttle truck and flown out? Is it cost effective? I’d like more time there than travelling.

Anybody got any ideas?

Your good lady could fly and catch the train to mandello like mine does, unless she enjoys being on the bike.


Yes that is a possible, but she is non too keen on flying on her own - airports, stations and the like throw her into a panic! If I could put the bike on the shuttle I could fly with her. Cheers John.

Or she could fly with my Mrs whilst we thrash across the Alps by bike :smiley:

That sounds good to me!

All I have to do is finish the re-build!

I have been using a friends hydraulic workbench but he wanted it back. After much ado moving the bike from the workbench and delivering it back to my friend, I have bought a new on on eBAy. It arrived this week and I unpacked it only to find it was damaged in transit. 120 kg box full of red metal is not the sort of thing I wanted to post back so I asked for a partial refund to cover panel beating/re-spraying. The seller agreed and I am back up and running with a nice new red workbench. I wonder if moving the bike twice and two workbenches did my back more damage than just building the bike on the floor, like in the good old days?

My Ambassador has been on my work bench for 2 years or more. It came in bits, as a basket case from LA and has been an on off project ever since, a test of my patience and wallet. It now runs, but I have all the wiring to plug into the right places and some bits and pieces to fettle. My Convert hasn’t been ridden for 2 years also. It’d take a day to get it up and running. I have a Vstrom 650 on PCP that is good to ride but characterless. What I don’t seem to have is any time!

anyone going to this years open house in sept? i hope to be going and looking for someone to ride with.

I have used Moto Rail into Livorno from some obscure Dutch town once a few years back. It’s an amusing enough trip but rather expensive, and I only did it one way.

I took the eurotunnel on the Thursday evening. Stayed in a hotel on the autoroute near Bruges, then rode into Holland on the Friday. Train loaded around mid-day and left during the afternoon. Unloaded in Livorno early afternoon Saturday. Then I rode home.

The Moleys have been planning a 100th raid for more than a year now, good considering someone once said “the Moleys don’t do anything”. I think having been to the 90 and 95th anniversary weekends the 100th should be a blast, I’m hoping a good friend of the club will open his field to camping again for us.

It has been my plan to make the 100th trip on my 73 Eldo, as long as I am fit and healthy, need to get some reliability miles on the Eldo first though, as it has this horrible habit of braking down far from home! :open_mouth:
I have also to fit a nice new Greg Bender wiring loom this summer, then maybe a new clutch later in the year :sunglasses:

Have a run up to the Scottish rally ’ this year. It’s one of the best rallies of the year ( imop) . It’s a good run as a tester.

Yeah. That’s the one I limped home on Blue from last year. A good test for (this Essex) man and machine. And talking of ramps and tables further up this thread, Blue will be in dry dock in another week or two for clutch, gearbox and ign work. And no, I wouldn’t want to be doing this without the table.

Beyond that, I’ve never been ‘back’ to the factory, and I have no desire to do so. Get me coat?

I’ve been twice now and both times the factory was shut :unamused:

England- Kev I’d like to go on my Ambassador, but as you say need to put some miles in to make sure, especially as I am responsible for putting it together, from two grates from LA. I have already fitted a GB wiring loom - nearly! I went to France and Belgium on my first ever ride on my Eldorado after importing that from LA too. They are lovely bikes to ride and always get the thumbs up from other bikers.

When they put their thumbs up, they are asking “Are you alright?” :smiley:

The trip to the factory is best done out of season ie spring / autumn. The ride there is the best bit, imop give the stelvio pass a miss ’ it’s to buisey and bloody hard work. And there are better roads in to mandelo.

Lucky to have now done it twice, once by car, my wife flying out after the open day. She had problems at the airports and spent a week on Lake Garda touring before driving back. Last yearwent on my Bellagio with Tony ( Bellagio)and Paul (California).
The bikes were the best. Unfortunatley had to rush across europe in two days due to commitments and crossed to the top of the lake via the Splugen Pass. Stayed in a hotel at the top and used the train to Mandello and the ferry back on the open days as mad on a bike. Spent a few days touring the area before returning via the Stevilo Pass, had to do at least once :smiley: It is hard work but worth it.
Weather was kind but for me cool.
It is well worth it and staying further out from Mandello but using the train made staying easy either north or south of Mandello.
Had to get the pic of the bikes outside the factory, a must :smiley: