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At risk of throwing petrol on the fire…I bought the optional low comfort seat with my machine. Once delivered it felt no different to the standard one. At first I thought it was just MotoGuzzi “mostly marketing” failed product. But I’m sort of hearing that some peoples’ seats really are lower.
I’m posting photos and measurements of the standard ( 2B009879000C1) and the accessory low seat ( 2S002032 ). This is the correct part number for the low seat, according to the Guzzi accessory webpage. My parts book suggests that the part number as of 11/11/22 for the standard seat is slightly different ( 2B009879000C2 ) . I’m hearing reports that some of the seats shipped with ‘low’ part numbers are actually standard height, as mine seems to be. The actual heights as measured in the photos are, standard 70mm, low 75mm. So, as you see, my low seat is actually marginally taller than the standard one.

I’m posting because my dealer isn’t jumping up to help me yet and I think I might need as much data as possible to convince them there’s a problem.

Has anybody any insight, pictures, measurements they can share ?

I’ve not seen a seat in the flesh, so don’t know how it mounts to the bike. Does it rest,as in your photos, on the lower edges, or are there bobbins or bumpers beneath which support it on the frame rails?

If so, are they different on the two seats?

Not quite flat, but it’s close, about 15degrees off. Point is, it’s close enough to the low point to use as a relative measurement between the different seats. They have rubber buttons as part of the seat base, and they’re sitting on them here as if on the frame rails. The seat bases both have identical part numbers moulded in. The final assembly has a sticker applied to denote the upholstery height, comfort level etc.

I too have found that my low seat is the same height as the standard seat
I find it hard to use as the material of the comfort seat is more grabby on my trousers when I put my feet down.
I spoke to my dealer and they suggested I modified the seat to make it lower!
I measured my low seat against a fellow Staffie’s low seat (Mario) and theirs was the same.
Apparently Gwen’s seat is lower, I’ve asked her for measurements but no reply yet.
My thoughts are that in the seat making factory, they stuck the wrong part number stickers on the seats, hopefully by accident, but there appears to be a large number of accidentally mid-labelled seats appearing.

I’ll be interested to hear what Gwen has to say.
I took my seats into the dealer, who had a ‘standard height’ comfort seat. I checked the part number and the sticker was correct for a std comfort. It was visibly different. When measured it was very slightly taller; The arc over the seat position, edge to edge, was 15mm longer, so perhaps 7mm taller. I’ve not seen a ‘high’ comfort seat, or a second ‘low’. I did a ride with the standard ‘uncomfort’ seat, and while the measurements indicated that it was the same or lower than the low seat, it actually worked out a little taller once sat upon. Not much, perhaps only that 7mm.
I took the original seat to my upholstery bloke who said he didn’t think he could make it any lower. There just wasn’t enough foam to work with to make an appreciable difference.
So, I don’t know where we stand ( or sit ) at this point. I think we might actually have the proper seats, and they’re as low ( and narrow, because that makes a difference, too ) as Guzzi could make them.

Hi Andy,
I took my low seat to Arnolds motorcycles whilst I was getting my 1st service.
We confirmed that the low seat was in fact the same height as the original seat, and that the normal comfit seat they had, as in fact 10mm taller than the standard seat.
So they refunded me my money.
Strangely I sat on Gwen’s low seat at Guzzi~Fest, and it did in fact fell slightly lower.
So maybe the ‘early’ low seats are lower, and then the factory changed their internal components.
My next plan of attack is to buy someones standard brown seat they don’t want, and get it lowered.

Thanks for the update. I was at GF, too, but I didn’t try Gwen’s machine. She’s done a lot of miles and I wonder if the foam is compressing a bit. That may be part of why my ( 3000 mile ) low-seat ends up being very slightly lower than my ( 0 mile ) original.
Let us know what your upholsterer says. I’ve hit 2 out of 2 saying they can’t help.
I’ve given up on the seat as a way of lowering the machine.

There were some issues where the low seat wasnt the low seat, some were labelled wrong and shipped out to customers.
I still have my low seat I never really used then sold the bike to a club member who didnt need it given he was about 6ft 2"and my low seat is also heated.

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Is the comfort seat softer and more padded as maybe the reduction in height comes from softer filling which compresses more when you are sat on the bike and this is what lowers the height? Just a thought as I had a VFR1200X seat modified with memory foam to achieve a lower height and more comfort without changing the look of the original seat in any way.