Mandello memories

Hi Team,

Here’s a Facebook post and video from Griso rider Tracy Nuzzo who travelled from the US to be there.
I’m working on a copy of the video for those not doing FB. Tracy’s description is, I think, an eloquent summary of the Guzzista experience.
Have fun

“Attending Moto Guzzi Days in Mandello this last weekend reminded me of a stand up performed several decades ago regarding “being in the minority.” The black comedian said that all his life, walking down the streets of most towns in the US, he found himself looking for a face that was similar to his own. Then he went to Africa for the first time- and lo and behold, it was the white people, in a sea of Africans, who were desperately searching to catch a glimpse of another white person!
My experience as a Guzzi owner has been similar. Riding down any given street in California or in Southern France, it’s rare I see another Guzzi. And when I do, I often find myself waving in frantic happiness. Finally! Another Guzzi fan! I am not alone! And in Mandello, I was NOT alone. I was immersed, surrounded, and inundated by people just like me. It was wonderful.”

Spot on

Mandello was great, I made it for the first time and intend going again by bike next time, work commitments meant I had only two days and decided it would be enjoyable.
As it happened there was torrential rain Sat evening and Sunday and I felt very sorry for all the campers by the lake side.
The factory put on a great show and plenty of bikes for test rides.
I believe 1500 attended, just great :smiley: