Mandello trip

Anyone thinking of going to Mandello next year?

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There are lots of people hoping to go and a few with firm plans.
The club will be repeating the Saturday lunchtime get together at Cafe Roma.

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My wife and myself are going, but not on the bike. We went this year and stayed in an excellent apartment in Mandello. Didn`t see many Brits tho.


Went in July and we didn’t see any Brits. Not a problem as English is almost as popular as Moto Guzzi.
The Raduno is very different. Very popular with members of the UK Guzzi community

Yes planning on getting there, not firmed up details as yet but will be going

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I went in June/July this year over the Stelvio pass on my Stelvio, fully recommended even though I had a misfire on one pot. I went with a friend on his V85TT, great trip, we went down through Germany and had fun on the 229 south from the Mohne dam and especially the 500 through the Black Forest south from Barden Barden.

We parked our bikes outside the factory gates for the obligatory photo, the door guard pulled the main door shut so we could get all of the Guzzi logo in the photo. After thanking him we went to move our bikes over the road to the car park but he gestured to leave them at the side of the gate, shrugging his shoulders and saying “Moto Guzzi”. He then let us leave all of our bike gear in his office while we toured the museum for two hours.

The new museum layout is fantastic, even though there are “do not touch” notices, everything is approachable, one omission is there there wasn’t a 750S on display, but my disappointment was short lived as the range of bikes and engines on display is outstanding. I loved the experimental triple engine, a vee twin with a vertical pot in the middle, and the vee four engine. A true feast for the eyes and the occasional finger or two!

Enjoy the trip, the factory is an eye opener but better when it is not busy. This was my third trip to the factory the first in 1989 and then in 2011 on both of these occasions it was a Friday and the factory was shut! Bad planning.


Agree on the museum being a vast improvement on the display I saw some years ago. The staff are really enthusiastic. One guide moved aside the ropes so that a couple of very enthusiastic visitors could get a picture next to “their” bike.

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I had to miss last year but hoping to this year but in a campervan as part of a tour around.

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