March Meeting

March Meeting will be Wednesday 30th March 2022 at the Wagon and Horses as usual.

My apologies, I will not be there. We can discuss the 6 points in Kent ride, and our plans going forwards, at the 27 April meeting.

You might want to consider whether we want a regular monthly meeting midweek evenings, or would a different day, or an alternative location, whatever, be better? I’m happy to coordinate things, and arrange a ride out, but what do the group want?

Parties? When, who will go, where?
Expeditions? France? Essex? Where?
Show trips?
Anything else?

It’s your, our club. Use it!


Regarding meetings - Wednesday’s are difficult due to prior commitments, more flexible to other days
Essex group normally have a monthly sunday meet somewhere in Essex - I’ve been to a few
Essex rally - already booked


Thanks for the note. Club-wise, we’re somewhat committed as I’ve published the dates in advance.

I’m pretty much tied up with regular evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it’s not easy personally either.

I’m happy to try to fit round what the branch members want, though I’m not seeing much feedback, or interest, to be honest.

Let’s see who makes it for the April meet.


Hi Simon
tbh I don’t see much on the forum either and the Kent branch has always been a bit dormant, which is why I quite often (or use to) visit Essex branch events.

I wil try and get down to a Kent meet soon (fingers crossed)