Marzocchi 38mm forks

I posted about these a year or so ago, but then time goes by and I get no further.

Does anyone have any kind of comprehensive list of what types of Marzocchi 38mm fork were available over the years? Reason being, I have a set that fit perfectly into the frame of the Le Mans 2 special I am (not…) building, but the tubes are very long and will need cutting down. I’m curious to know what bike they were fitted too. Idea is to add Borrani wheels to this special.

Thanks for any knowledge.

I believe the air assisted forks fitted to the 650 Florida are 38mm, no idea what make tho.

they were used on Ducatis and Laverdas of the era amongst other things… I notice Mdina Italia offer 38mm marzocchi stanchions in 580 or 600mm lengths…

Laverda 1000/1200 triples 630mm and the RGS 660mm

laverda info from here… 14:48:36

Quite a few years ago Brian Clay had a few sets of Marzochi’s which were about 4" over length for a Guzzi.
Made for enduro bikes apparently.
Not helpful but interesting

Thanks all for the info, those tube lengths of 580 and 600 mm at least give me a place to start. Think they are off an enduro type bike Steve, but sadly that’s not what I’m planning on building!

I know this is probably not relevant in time, for reference I have a set of 38mm Marzocchi forks with 590mm stanchions which I believe were fitted as standard to 900ss and Mike Hailwood replica Ducati’s.

Just about to strip mine at the moment, I will measure them when apart. Found this it only gives one value for travel for 38mm forks so assume that the sliders are the same and the stanchions differ with the additional length. I suspect you have moto cross forks Adam

Just found this too with 5 different stanchion lengths. Maybe they are from a Laverda 1000 RGS, RGA or Corsa?

PS just noticed that someone else has posted this link above.Â