Master cylinder dismantling? - Convert

Ok, I’ve removed the master cylinder from the Convert, but how do you remove the retaining ring that holds the piston in. It’s not a circlip,so how does it come out. The manual says insert tool bla bla bla, is this something special or can I do it without it by using something else?

jmee542013-06-30 18:06:52

Have done this in the past using a jewellers screwdriver, having first pushed the piston back to take any load off the ring, then inserting the screwdriver at as steep an angle as possible close to the gap the ring can be persuaded out by working round from the gap. Best way to replace is to find a cylindrical piece of stock, just smaller than the bore to push the ring in square until it clicks in place.G.

If you have a parallel punch which will fit through the threaded hole in the back end of the M/C, put the M/c face down on a solid surface, and whack the punch to push the piston out. You will get a new ring in the set, just use a long socket of the right diameter to fit down the cylinder and whack that to seat the ring.

Thanks Brian, that’s how I did it. I found a link on Google and used a blunted nail.

I keep a piece of 4mm steel rod for the purpose. Think it’s an offcut from some B&Q rod I bought once

Yes I did use a blunted 4 inch nail before I spashed out on the parallel punches. The former was cheaper and worked just as well.
Sorry if that upsets the “you only get what you pay for” brigade.Brian UK2013-07-01 09:07:17

From memory a 14mm deep socket and an old cut off 'lecy screwdriver do the trick.

We are all ‘on the same page’ by the sound of it.