Mg-h summer newsletter

Regret it is not possible to post the latest newsletter* here so if anyone wants a lookie at it then PM me.
It is available on the mg-h FB page under files section and also has been bcc emailed out to most on the mgcgb member list I have.

Some have bounced so if you expected it, but didn’t receive it, I suggest you update your email address with the club memsec.

  • .pdf files are not permitted to upload it appears.

Hi Gavin,

@Mad_Farquhar : I have investigated and added the possibility to upload PDF files. Could you please try if it works

Cheers Uki

I knew you would pick up on it! Well done Uki.

I use Mac Affinity Publisher and export as a pdf onto the email list and FB group, so stay clear of MS.

Linking to FB is okay but limits audience a bit.

I’ll look at a link via the mg-h website, that might work, but publishing all over the place is a pain to keep up to date.

If I read correctly .pdf on the forum can be restricted to groups of users, say branch co-ords, that would minimise security risks of malicious .pdfs on the forum?


Hi Gavin,
posts crossed, I edited my 1st post.

Cheers Uki

Okaydokay……………….will have a go in a minute or two.

MG-H Newsletter Summer 2022.pdf (2.0 MB)

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Sorted Uki. Many thanks.

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