MGCGB Event Venues

Any members of active MGCGB branches that would like to host a major club event?

I’m looking at potential venues for Summercamp, GuzziFest and the club AGM in the next few years.

For 2024 GuzziFest will be In Cromford/Matlock again.

We are looking for venues as follows.

26-28 July 2024, Summercamp. 40-50 people. Relaxed camping weekend.

15-17 August 2025 GuzziFest 50-60 people. MGCGB premier event. Music on Saturday. Lots of activity.

20-22 September 2005 MGCGB members free camping weekend and AGM. 50-60 people. Similar to Summercamp with the AGM on Saturday afternoon.

All venues need showers, toilets, bar, catering, basic local amenities including non-camping accommodation. AGM needs a meeting room. Sports clubs and community centres tend to make ideal venues.

The plan is to identify sites that can be used for 2-3 years before changing location.

Branches are needed to identify sites, act as local liaison and help with running the weekend. The club will provide full financial and administration support including advertising, ticket sates and payment for venue etc.

If your branch is interested please DM me with contact details and we can have a chat.

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