MGCGB UK FB Group.... what are you doing?

I’ve seen nothing to justify the current actions regarding this Group. Who’s playing God?

The facebook group seems to have disappeared. Is this a maintenance issue, or a reaction to discussions about what should and shouldn’t be said in the group? What I’ve seen today seems quite mild, but then it could be that moderators have had to pull a load of stuff and it got too much.

Is there any news?

A few noisy troublemakers wanted things run their way. I dare say they’ll get their chance now. Shame, as it had been running very smoothly for some time, but admin giving up their time don’t need the grief these people were causing. A couple at least will be leaving the club as a result.
Having answered that, I really don’t want to have the same arguments here as were constantly being reposted on the group, so I’ll be leaving it at that.

Unfortunately, whatever that ‘discussion’ was it will be repeated in here whether you (or we) like it or not, The correct and only response is not to limit discussion but to remove those members who refuse to follow Group guidelines. Which is fine for Facebook, but people who have paid to be members of MGCGB might take a dim view of their freedoms being limited. Not that anyone ever said that this was a democracy…

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I agree. Trying to limit what people say in real time is not something we should ask of the moderators and admins. Far too much time and effort is required for that in a club group.

If people persist in using the facebook group as a general chat place, making offensive comments, etc, and don’t listen to warnings posted about them in that group, then they should be excluded from the group.

The lines between something relevant to guzzis and not could be hard to draw. I posted something about number plates, thinking some in the club might be interested, but it’s certainly not guzzi-specific. Is that allowed?

It’s also a club group, meaning people in a club. So posts relevant to the people in that club are also within bounds are they not? This gets difficult. Brexit posts are probably not relevant, except where they might affect travel to/from the EU (probably on a guzzi) or access to guzzi spares, in which case they are. KB posted about her MZ, rather entertainingly and harmlessly, and that was about her, a club member, but not explicitly about her many guzzis. Is that out of order? And so on.

I really do fear that people have been trying very hard, laudably, and with the best of intentions, to control the group too tightly, and been offended when people have thought them being too strict. As I said above, I strongly suggest giving up on real time moderating. Tell people, in public on the group, when they’ve gone too far, and if they continue remove them.

By the way, if someone thinks I’ve ever overstepped the mark in that group, or indeed here, please let me know. I am not alone in sometimes being blind as to how things I say may be seen by others.

It’s difficult to say when anyone has gone too far. You certainly haven’t, in my very humble opinion, TP. It has a lot to do with group sensitivities. I’ve had a good look and I believe I’ve spotted the thread that was the catalyst. There are all manner of groups for posting all manner of stuff, but some folk are not too sensitive and don’t seem to pick up nuance very well. Because we’re a level-headed bunch overall, who refuse to take ourselves too seriously, attempts to ‘militarise’ (if that’s a word) or politicise the MGCGB group have traditionally dropped into a black hole, all by themselves. For Carlo’s sake, we sailed through the hugely divisive Brexit debate with barely a ruffled Eagle feather… But in this case someone felt a post went too far, raised an objection, and it all became about freedom to post - which could not have been much further from the point. Unfortunately, this is the issue on which all FB Groups seem to fragment and it’s actually just a diversion which wastes everyone’s time. We should trust that if we feel one way, most others will too. We shouldn’t try to actively drum up an army of support for our views. Give it the cold shoulder. Even block the individual. That way we administer ourselves, and save Steve et al a few grey hairs. That’s all my loose change spent now. Forza!!!

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So if I read this thread correctly I take it the club’s Facebook page has been taken down?

I also don’t do Facebook for similar reasons to Bill here. I was in it many years ago and found it very stressful.

I have some reservations about excessive censorship as well and had gained the impression that the group was being rather strongly policed. I did leave this forum for some months owing to this. I have no issue with offensive posts being taken down and persistent offenders being banned, but at times I think moderators have been excessively controlling.

That said I have no idea what happened here.

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The club is a democracy, one member one vote?!


Any member can bring a proposal to the AGM. Would then be voted on by the membership, provided of course it was in accordance with the club rules. Club rules can also be changed by proposal/vote.

Any member in good standing can put themselves forward for a position on the committee, voted on by the membership

So the club is a democracy by any normal definition.

The only problem is that members who have issue/disagreements, or even positive ideas for the development of the club often don’t turn up to the AGM to use their vote or take part in the discussions.

If you don’t like the rules you can legitimately try to change them at the AGM. If the membership don’t agree with you you can either leave or put up with it. That said, I have no idea how the rules of the facebook page were arrived at, likely it would have been a discussion and agreement of the committee. If someone doesn’t like the rules again it can be raised at the AGM to see the level of support. Such a debate happened already regarding this forum, when the membership decided to make this general banter section closed to non members. I disagreed with this and voted against it, but was in a minority and the restriction went ahead. I put up with it although it still irks me.

I’ve been keeping a low profile for a couple of days whilst working away in the background.
The FB page will be back but I can’t give a specific date. Hopefully not too long.
The difficulty was around less that 1% of page members and yet it had a huge impact for individuals and the clubs image.
It’s an unprecedented event in the history of hte page which has been running pretty smoothly since November 2016. Not a bad record really.
A good part of the downtime is being spent in working out the best way to address the concerns that have been raised.
All the best

I hadn’t considered the ‘policing’ to be in any way objectionable - but maybe I missed stuff that was being pulled before I saw it. And I think it is an area where the rules to some extent have to be a little grey and stretchy - and therefore very difficult to strike a balance as a moderator.

Just hoping it wasn’t my picture of the AA box that broke the Camel’s back is all.

I thought the AA box was good, IMHO. It looked as if it had been renovated recently.

Certainly not.
Your post was a nice finish to the day.

As an aside - with the FB page currently parked it doesn’t feel like foot fall here on the forum is dramatically increased. So maybe Peter isn’t being robbed?

Is there a way activity here can be easily checked to see if my perception is actual? And what if it is?

I’m more than happy with the way that you’ve handled the FB page over the last year or so Steve. Vote of confidence here.

A fair few FB groups descend into slanging matches at sometime or other, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a useful resource.

Best of luck to those moderating/ administrating.

Many thanks for that.
You won’t be surprised to find that you’re one of many.
Hoping to have the FB page back up by the weekend.
All the best

Plus one on that.

Not good breaking the Camel’s back when you’re trying to sell it. hope it doesn’t result in a reduced offer. :smiley: