MGX-21 Italian taste, American style, not to my taste. Crazy fairing looks like something from a Batman movie, £17k + :unamused:
When do we get a modern T3?

thats fugly

No comprende

It’s built to appeal to the Yank market, the people who came up with it must have been watching S.o.A. too much, I agree with Keith, 'kin fugly.

Piaggio/Guzzi will have a launch stand at Sturgis.
The bike has been well received and advance orders placed.
The income from a market like that could well be subsidising the bikes that appeal to the Tonti generation.
One mans meat…etc

Have fun

The style is fairly radical but it wouldn’t be a Guzzi if it were like all the rest. I actually like it as a styling exercise, but not enough to buy one and yes agree the pricing is high (not too high, just high) but dig into the specs and see what you actually get for your money. Compare with marques that have comparable machines and the RRP of those.

Reminisce the past by all means, enjoy heritage motorcycles, but never stop development or prevent change for that surely is a route to oblivion. The days of air cooled engine production in Europe are about to end. Just sayin…

I agree MF with most of what you say about comparative costs but the styling is not for me. I do not want technology to go back to the days of my youth but I would be tempted to buy a new bike with classic styling and modern technology. I think we all look back to the bikes we knew in our late teens with rose tinted glasses. This styling exercise is not to my taste, I see the factory following American trends what with bobbers and now this. It is not innovative design but is an attempt to chase the US $ not the £ in my pocket.

Yup - and why would Guzzi (Piaggio) be particularly interested in hounding the pound. The UK is an insignificant market (even more so now with Brexit IMHO) whilst the dollar area is king. Pick what you like from the offerings - I have with an Audace. Its a comfortable and competent motorcycle and yes, probably an acquired taste in terms of styling. I have been watching the model for a year and recently found one that ticked all the boxes. The MGX-21 is just a progression on the 1400 chassis design route. Is it radical in terms of style - well not really to my mind

The OP states that orders are good - fantastic news - the marque is doing well - its strategy is seemingly well founded. Let’s be upbeat and not the usual dreary, we are all doomed, sort of customer base and maybe Guzzi management just might take notice of other idiosyncratic wishes and cover other bases.

Not particularly new.
Dave (940V) did something similar to his Bella.
As has been said, very ‘50’ USA.
If it sells and keeps Guzzi in business then good.

Somebody has been looking at Wixom products methinx…

What’s Wixom then? Googled it and didn’t really come up with anything.

I wouldn’t want one myself but I’m sure I’ve seen worse looking bikes emerge from the Guzzi factory.

I think they were brothers Jim…they marketed panniers, top boxes and fairings for tourers in the good ole US of A…The fairing was a horror…tho very effective…the panniers aka bags are very stylish…we have a pair…

The mgx launch at sturgis with loads of pictures courtesy of wildguzzi.


Having seen a video of the MGX it actually didn’t look so bad as the initial pictures that I have seen. Still can’t afford one though, or anything else for that matter :frowning:

It’s starting to grow on me, after the initial shock of that Batman fairing.
The article on the Sturgis event makes good reading…all giddy about a bike that isn’t a HD takes some doing there. Good on MG America! Something for MG UK to learn there.
Sturgis looks like an event to put on my ‘to do’ list. Would like to take a UK reg bike but more likely will hire. :stuck_out_tongue: :

I think I get the MGX-21 now, its certainly looks right at Sturgis. Not for me though, even if I could afford one. I would feel a bit self conscious parking it at Sainsburys I think. Would love a go on one though. Mind you I popped into Riders Bristol on the way home last night. The variety of Harley models is bewildering, and the top dressed one was £25k.
I would love to take my bike over to USA. I know someone in Bristol branch who has done it, and he said it is not that difficult. Basically he said the break even point is around 3 weeks. If you are going for longer than that it should be cheaper to take your own bike rather than hire. Mind you if you are to ship your own bike you are going to be without it for around 6 weeks I think.

[quote=“Somersetlemon”] I would feel a bit self conscious parking it at Sainsburys I think.

In my local last week, everyone was laughing at some poor deluded person who thought it was a good idea to park his right outside!

No that is fugly!

Interesting. For some reason the seat reminds me of a toilet.

Spec is weird. It weighs 245 kg, has a 750 cc engine which produces 54 hp, and apparently does 80 to the gallon. If it really does 80 to the gallon then I guess it is at least useful in a practical sense. I assume the French will buy it and maybe the Italians too.

Are they copying sorry “inspired by” the Honda NM4 Vultus?