MI warning light

Another quick question for you V85 riders.
My orange MI warning light (looks like a transmission symbol) flashes at me occasionally if I’ve reved the bike a bit higher than normal (still well under the red line) to do an overtake or such. Does anyone experience this? It clears once the ignition is turned off and doesn’t re appear until I give it a little ‘stick’ again.
I’ve checked my oil levels.
A quick call to my dealer had me increase the rev limiter but it didn’t sort it. ( I’ve already turned off the ‘disco’ strip lights along the top of the display).
Any ideas please?

I had this happen following the 6k service. I took it back to the dealer the next day and 10 mins with the laptop fixed it. He said it’s a known fault after the latest software update that is easy to correct.

PS it’s not a rev limiter, it’s just a shift light. I have mine set pretty high, just as a warning when I am using the navigation that I am approaching the redline.

Mine did that prior to the first service. Was dependent on throttle opening, rather than revs or speed. It was sorted at first service with ‘phonic learning’, whatever that is and hasn’t occured since.

Thanks, much obliged for your input. :+1:t3: