Michelin PR5

Has anyone got any feedback on the Pilot Road 5, I ended up replacing my rear PR4 and got a PR5. At the moment I am not sure that I am as happy with the new tyre.

Tipping into corners you sometime get that dropping feeling as you go over past the first tipping point, it’s not as though I am on the edge of the tyre at this point. The tyre hasn’t slid yet, yet you feel it might.

So possibly it may be that the front tyre is still a PR4, I have played with the pressures a bit on the rear tyre as well.

its weird

What bike?

I had pilots on my Norge when I bought it, but didn’t really like them. I am much happier on Avon Storm 3D s, although I think it needs 40 psi in the front

On a second visit to another tyre shop, they checked my tyre pressure which turned out to be high. Got them to drop it to 40psi and the handling is better now. So both the pressure gauges I use read wrong for a change.
It is interesting that you can see the two compounds

Update, I have also found that the rear wheel bearings are worn (already … grrr) which won’t be helping.

Update, changed CARC bearings - no play - but rear end still feels horrible. I am going to see another tyre shop and see what they think

I have now spoken with 2 tyre shops and one particular manager turns out to be quite knowledgeable as he use to be tyre tester; he thinks that the tyre may not suit my bike and is going to contact Michelin tech support for some more information on what they think - is the tyre faulty or not suitable for my bike.

I have now replaced my front tyre and went for a PR4 again, having the new tyre has changed the handling characteristic again but the back end still feels iffy.

So I am just waiting for a response before deciding on which way to go.

Just FYI, when I got my Spada years ago it came with new Dunlop TT100’s, now this is after TT100’s manufacture went overseas. Used to be OEM on the Meriden Triumph 750’s, which I had two of before getting the Spada, and latterly I had to get a new tyre to replace the back (of the Triumph), this is my first experience of the “foreign made” TT100. Bike weaved like buggery at around 70 mph. Now whatever other shortcomings the old Meriden Triumphs might have had, they do not weave! Factory switched to Avon for OEM, they were that bad. On my Spada, every time it rained, felt like the road was covered in loose ball bearings. They had to go sooner than ASAP despite being new. So I totally get that tyre could be the issue.

I know what you mean Mike, I have now put a new PR4 back on the bike and it’s a joy to ride again.

The PR5 wasn’t heating up enough in fact the front was always warmer than the rear; now its flipped to normal with PR$ front and rear.

Expensive test!

So after a period of time I have contacted Michelin and they suggested taking the tyre to one of the tyre shops that I use and get returned as faulty; the upshot of this was that they replied back to me and said it was “user error” [the tyre had not left the deport]. To be honest I am not too worried now baout getting a refund - but I do feel the tyre is faulty, so I contacted Michelin again via their web site contact email and explained the situation sent a couple of photos and they said could I take the tyre back to the tyre shop and they would (Michelin) collect it.

as a note my son has a PR5 on his BMW and it does not look like this [see attachment]

trying again with attachment - hurrah

Got PR5s on my Breva 1100 and find them really good. Not sure they’re better than the 4s, but certainly not worse. Unusual to get a faulty tyre nowadays.

Final update on the saga.

Michelin did collect the tyre in the end (took 2 attempts/reminders) after a while I contacted Michelin to see if they had an update on the tyre; this took 3 attempts before a reply came back that the technical department could not find anything wrong with it.

So this leaves me not knowing if:-

a, the tyre does not suit my bike
b, the tyre was faulty - but not being told that.
c, I should try another one when I need to renew

Currently back on PR4’s and happy

trying again with attachment - hurrah

And, what are we looking at? Specifically (Yes, a tyre … :smiley: )

I have PR5 on my BMW, but it’s a sport bike. (150+hp). Brilliant tyre and mine look like the one in the picture. It’s just the dual compound .
I wouldn’t use them on a touring bike, I have used the PR4 for that.

Interesting that you too have the same compound difference; my son’s BMW 1200 Adventure does not show same banding and he is well happy with them, you can’t really see the stepped edge between compounds in this picture; but you can feel [stationary] and see it.

My son’s tyres warm up as you would expect, rear quicker than front

I have seen the PR5 fitted to many different bikes now but not on any Moto Guzzi’s yet so unable to gauge.

On my tyres I can’t feel the difference , there’s no ridge, but you can see the difference. It might be that the pressures need tweaking for your bike. A ridge similar to the picture has happened to me in the past (not with Michelin) when I’ve done a lot of touring, ie the bike has been upright most the time. You can also get “feathering” which is not a tyre fault.
My next touring bike, either a 8V Norge or a BMW K1300 GT, will be fitted with the PR4 GT.

Banding, OK.


I have just recently put a Road 5 on the front with a PR4 rear [spare tyre - another story], but chatting with tyre shop who had lost my PR4 front i had originally ordered said that the Road 5 rear had been improved and was not the same as when first released. The actual look of the tyre is different when brand new - new one you can see the compound differences across tyre.

So when the rear wears out I shall try again.

OK, I have now got a Road 5 on the back and I must say I am pleased with it, behaves like it should. Wet weather handling is good, feedback is good and you can still enjoy yourself at this time of the year.

So I can now say with certainty that the original tyre was a duff one