Mick Walker Showroom Wisbech

Does anyone know the address of Mick Walker’s large Ducati/Moto Guzzi showroom in Wisbech?

Mick Passed away in 2012
I doubt it survives
there was a place in Elm road I visited thats still a motorbike shop but not sure if that was it
It used to be here at 72

Thank you. The first location certainly looks like one of their outlets. It was the larger one in existence in 1976 I’m trying to find. We are up in Norfolk on the Guzzi my late father bought from Mick so are trying to find the showroom. Thanks again.

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I am pretty sure that its the second one with a google maps link, although the premises went further to the right and included petrol pumps
there are new flats built there now

Oh thank you. Really appreciate you both responding.

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A quick Google search came up with this image

Thanks. I believe that was his first outlet - not the one in Norwich Road where my dad bought his bike in 76. But thank you!

There is a small poor quality image on his Wikipedia page of the other showroom

Yes. Thank you. I’ve tried to find it through numerous different Google searches. The best answer (which is accurate) is that it’s no longer there and replaced by modern flats. So never mind -but thank you everyone for your help!

here is the origional advert I scanned up, the buildings behind mick still exist, but later on he took on the old petrol station and garage to the right, that is now flats
I thought a better copy might be of use to you

That’s so kind of you. Thank you. Explains everything. Really grateful to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Feel like I have closure thanks to everyones’ efforts.

Its great you still have the motorcycle, later this year, when I feel better, and they stop using my backside as a dartboard !!! I am going to ride up to Guy Martins Pub for Lunch, and to drop something off for his collection, then spend a few days exploring Cambs again,

That sounds a very good trip. Thanks again for your help putting to bed where we went in May 1976 with our dad to collect the bike.

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Thank you rupert57. Your question has lead me to remember that in 1980 ish my dad was friends with the guys who ran Banbury motorcycles. On at least one occasion he took a day off work to go to Wisbech to collect several new motorcycles. I don’t remember what he brought back but the dealers in Banbury sold Ducati, Guzzi, Morini, and Batavas ( my first bike ). Oh and CZ.
Good memories

Very glad my inquiry led you to recall some happy times. Wonderful we can look back with fondness to these past times. And still enjoy bikes now. Regards

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