Mille GT front brake lever

Here’s a ridiculous question: how do you take the front brake lever off a Mille GT???
It has a strange hollow pivot bolt with a round top so nothing to put a spanner to.
underneath was a strange bolt/ clip thing which has come off exposing a thread.
does it tap out?
Went to put a new lever on - 2 minute job ha, 30 mins later still none the wiser…

part number HAA10850

Ah yes I see. Push out from the bottom I reckon.

The nut is one of those cheapies stamped out of sheet metal.

Doh! Yes it needed a tap from the bottom, it was corroded in so worried about tapping too hard but brute force and ignorance won the day!

You’ll know to grease it now then won’t you? :smiley:

Not my bike!
New lever fitted, pivot bolt WELL greased.
proper nut fitted to thread instead of flimsy thing that fell apart on removal

OK then!

Doing a favour were you? :smiley:

That was just a tiny part of a favour with a capital F!
Not too sure why I convinced a friend with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever to buy an old Guzzi that needed loads of work doing!
Anyway the bike is now ready for the summer complete with new front brake lever, lets hope he likes it!!!