Mind blowing guzzi


What a terrific bike, gorgeous build.


Well it’s an interesting piece of engineering, but the standard loop is already borderline to overpower its brakes and suspension never mind a turbo-charged version. I don’t suppose it’s going to get ridden much though.

The build is on you tube, interesting and clever bloke :sunglasses:

Coming on here and posting sensible posts.
You’re in trouble mate.
But as a work of art it beats anything the cow molester has done.

Whos the cow molester…

Just had a look…another show pony…

Nice watching him bring it all together, something a bit different for a change, seen loads of original Mk 1 + Mk2 LeMans that mostly all look the same, bring on the specials :wink: .

The bling tank and faring are good but the grey frame and unpolished casings and rocker covers are nicely understated with the use of some brass bits makes this a delight to my eyes. Show pony it maybe but it has given me some encouragement on my rebuild, now in year 13 :unamused:

I have had my frame and all other tubular bits and brackets powder coated satin black as I didn’t want gloss black on a 43 year old bike. It looks good to me and that’s what counts. Now where do I find the brass speedo bezels and shock top covers :smiley:

The bloke who stuffs sharks, and I don’t mean Jacques Cousteau!

Damien Hirst.

Agree but like as a piece of art.
But then you know I spend most weekends polishing my bikes.

Unfortunately it just reminds me of the aliens in the “Alien” movies, so not floating my boat I’m afraid.

Ah…Mr Hirst…thanks guys…