Mirror Thread Size

Help, can anyone please tell me the thread size used to attach the left & right mirrors to the handlebar controls on a 2008 Griso 1220 V8, I assumed it would be M8 or M10 and it is neither of them.




It might be a metric fine or course thread.
Can you measure the thread diameter?
I assume that you have an internal thread and want to buy mirrors to suit?
Can you measure the pitch of the thread? (Either use thread pitch gauges or count the thread over 10mm of length and divine by 10.) This is a bit more difficult if you only have an internal thread.

Best wishes Chris

Thanks Chris,

I have mirrors and therefore I have checked the external thread with a pitch gauge and it is 1.25mm pitch and 10mm dia. making the size Metric Fine M10 x 1.25mm Pitch.

I needed the information to make sure I order the correct mirror extenders so I can see past my arm.

Thanks for your Help.



Glad you have resolved it :smiley: