On the way to Bonchester Bridge last Sunday, (Centauro), should have had
enough fuel to get us to the green garage before the climb up Carter bar, just before the garage the bike falters, (no fuel light on), pull in and it’s shut down… bugger… turning back not an option, last garage to far back, pull out and misfire on over the border and down to Jedburgh, the tank only took 10 llts,… meaning there should be 4 spare, filled up misfire gone ,bike back to normal, convinced that the filter in the tank must be blocked took it out tonight and it’s clean as the proverbial ???
Fuel problem, but what ?
Any idea’s,
Phil.Phil Gough2014-05-29 22:12:03

Could be a problem with faulty engine sensors crank or temperature.
Have had similar on my Chen in the past.


This happened to me as well. Twice in the same stretch of motorway. Had to get towed home first time (3 miles but waited 2 hours for recovery). No obvious cause. Changed all relays (£12 from Pyro Dan), new ht leads, also new Electrex reg/rec that I happened to have. Been OK since. Both times it was in the wet so it may have been that but I’m not convinced.

Still a bit of a mystery…

Leads and relays done years ago, why would the refill sort it out??
Sensor maybe, will let it develop,
Thanks for the input,

May be worth checking your battery voltage while she is running. ECUs like a fully charged battery and can make your bike run terribly if there is an issue with your charging system.

Full tank of petrol sorted it out…battery less than 2yrs old, will give it a run tomorrow and see what occurs

Nobody has mentioned tank vacuum

I will then Tank vacuum next time it does it open the filler cap and see if it cures ir

I have a Honda engine on a petrol jet washer it will not run with fuel cap fully on took weeks to sort it out vacuums that much you can remove float bowl with out loosing fuel – found out its a American market unit and has a carbon filter in the lid to prevent fumes escaping and with it slopping petrol around its clogged the non removable filter

Tank vacuum checked, managed to blow through the pinhole from the inside out , could be a problem with air going in though, will fill it up and run a tankful through and see what happens.
Voltage, 12.6 at tickover 13.76 over 2500 revs.
Keep the thoughts coming.


Will check that out,

Definitely think the above is a strong candidate Phil.Cheers Darryl
DazGuzzi2014-06-06 09:14:18

After talking to Baldric I reckon that my crank sensor is playing up. Just ordered one from Gutsibits. I’ll let you know if it does the trick

Cheers Welshguzzi, I’'ve got the crank sensor out and ordered a new one from the local garage, should get it tomorrow, day off Thursday should get it fitted then,

Did you check the resistance of the sensor and what condition was it in - splits along the length of it, or cable damage at the join?After altering my new one to the 45 degree offset cable entry to clear the back of the timing chest back in 2008 I’ve had no recurrence of the problem(s), but I still carry a spare under the seat as insurance.

Spot on Guzzijack,
many Thanks,
splits along the length of it, where it goes through the timing chest.
Just put it back together and took it for a test ride, seat of the pants dyno says it’s pulling stronger, the occasional 2500rev stumble seems to have disappeared, well happy.
The part I used is made by Intermotor, (18783), £29 from my local garage.
Thanks to all for the ideas,
PhilPhil Gough2014-07-03 00:44:00

The replacement you obtained Phil , is it angled as OE item is ? If it is, perhaps it could be added to the COG “alternative parts” list …That sounds an OK price …

No fly’s on GJ !!!

Its the same orientation as the standard part, the original has lasted 18 years so I think I can live with it,

18 years… yes , easily lost sight of . I’ve carried an OE spare for a lot of years now – one day !