MK 5 Lemans - RH Indicator Lens


Looking for a RH Indicator Lens for MK 5 Le Mans - It is the triangular shaped one - if any body has one please get in touch.



I know somebody in Poland who made a mould and makes them of properly coloured , transparent resin. If you want, I’ll ask them if they have set for sale. Quite hard to spot the difference once fitted.

That may be a Mk4 with a handlebar mounted fairing.

Thanks and yes please

Looking at Ian Falloon’s book The Moto Guzzi Story the triangular indicator lens was on the early LM IV and also on early LM V but not on the later LM IV or later LM V which had rectangular ones on stalks.

Mine is a 1988 model with the triangular lenses - see pic

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Could that indicator be the same as those used on a late 650 Lario?

Most likely. I’ll let you know re resin ones once I know.

You even got a choice of colours, although he has only one pair of amber ones. 50 quid plus pp, he is MG Club Poland member, no scam here. your move, cheers.


Fantastic! Some skill on show there. I am impressed. :+1:

They look great
I have actually sourced one via Facebook Moto Guzzi GB Buy and Sell page - will keep this in mind though should I need another.

sucks air through teeth Not sure they’re often available. I’d be tempted to grab the spares whilst I can (given the availability of funds) - I’m thinking the money can be recovered in future, if not required!

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