Modern Guzzi compatibility with E10 fuel

another link Moto Continental: Piaggio Group Vehicles & E10 (Gasoline with 10% Ethanol)

not compatable but I am sure the main dealers can verify if you asked them:

  • V7 Classic: Before chassis ZGULW0001BM115002
  • V7 Cafè: Before chassis ZGULWA006BM112067
  • V7 Racer: Before chassis ZGULWB00XBM100722
  • California 1100: other than chassis ZGUKDE, ZGUKDG, ZGUKDH, ZGUKDL, ZGUKDM
  • Breva: 750
  • Griso 850: Before chassis ZGULSB0016M111528
  • Griso 1100: Before chassis ZGULS00017M1133321
  • Griso 1200: Before chassis ZGULSE - ZGULSG

All triumphs from 1990 are E10 compatible that’s 23 years ago!
Almost2013-03-17 14:24:20


Many thanks for this info. I’ve been putting posh petrol in my 1996 Triumph Trident ever since the change over. Now I can save a few Bob.

That’s a ‘boing’ and a half!