Mont-Blanc tunnel

Has anybody recently been through the Mont-Blanc tunnel on a bike, I was wondering if the air quality/ventilation has improved inside.

Went through summer 2014. It was snowing when we entered. Got pretty stuffy by mid way through, which was welcome. Can see on a warm day, and if slightly dehydrated would be a problem.


Went through in each direction in July/August 2014. It was about 30 centigrade travelling North-South and I didn’t notice any problem. The huge queue up the steep switchback to the entrance was much more problematic. If you have any kind of overheating problem with your bike you could get into trouble. You can “overtake” but it is narrow and huge artics thunder down periodically plus this does not sit well with me as, in reality, it is just queue jumping.

The problem I have in the tunnel is the hypnotic effect of the lights. It is like  being in the film “Tron”. I start to feel like I cannot ride down the centre of the lane and the walls are drawing me in! I really need to stop taking the drugs!



I take a different route now and go over the Andermatt glacier and down through Bellinzona and Ticino
few years back I went via Sankt Moritz and over the Julier passe
that was most enjoyable
I am not keen on tunnels

Ah, Tiffencastle to Sylvaplana. Brilliant road!Â

Thanks everybody for the info, in the end I decided to go thro Switzerland and over the simplonpass into Italy near Domodossola, the weather was good and the scenery was “Bellissimo”. Just returned from the Guzzi museum, next stop lake Garda. It’s hard work in 25c of sunshine but someone has to do.
Thanks again to all who helped with the information.Â

Passing from Italy into Austria today over the Brenner pass I was told the vignette charge has be scrapped for motorcycles since July of this year, even more reasons to get on ya bike

mind you I did not mindpaying for it, the roads make it worthwile
however I just checked the Swiss website and it cleary states that motorcycles solo and motorcycles with a sidecar require a vignette
if you avoid the motorways you do not need them, however I usually pop on to them for part of my journey
also a couple of the tunnels have additonal tolls, and I recall mention being made of a toll on the Stelvio being introduced

I heard you do not need a vignette or vinagerette in Suisse if you do not use the mortobahnsstradas,when I eventually head south of france italia bound one must have a chat Russ,you appeared to have the alps covered.

Memories of the gottard and mont blanc tunnel in the nineties,hgv days.Â

A few times I have noticed motorcyclists nipping on to the Autostrada from Ticino to drop dowbn towards Como
those cunning swiss chaps wait for you at the border post
its a big fine as well as buying a vignette !!
I was aware that you did not require one for A roads, however if the weather is iffy its quicker to nip on to a Strada
I hate the tunnels
and I hace done the Andermatt glacier twice Yeeuk
once in the early hours, due to the swiss gnomes closing the tunnel early to re grout the tiles
that was pretty awful, cold, foggy and dark
the second time was 2 up in the rain with all the local mentals racing up it in nippy little cars
that also was not pleasant
next time its the Julier passe especially as it drops you onto the correct side of the lake
I am glad I am not the only one that nods off to the tron like lighting and intense heat ? although in 2013 it was welcome when leaving a soaking wet Italy, pure luxury for 40 minutes

Ah, Passo de Julier! Belissimo ribbon of tarmac.

its a grand ride aint it
but you need to watch out for the 90 bends in villages
I was dropping down from Sankt Moritz and held back, couple geezers on blades where about to pass me, but though better of it
a coach came tight around the bend using all of the road, including the bit I would have been riding on
watch out for rear wheel steer coaches and buses ?

Ahh, you mean the Silvaplana end. Yeah does get tight at the end there. Best in that direction though. :smiling_imp:
Watch the speed though. “50CHF/km/h” on the spot or the bike gets impounded.
They have a service till in the back of the motor too for your flexible friend.
Know a couple of lads that have had long faces after Switzerland.Â

I met an idiot who had his bike impounded along with all of his mates
pretty massive fines, plus driving bans for CH
they also stored the bikes until the court case was over and charged for that as well
but riding at over 150 Mph is silly when you are a guest