Months of waiting...

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Is there an MG rep on here at all? I took my bike in to a dealer in June 2021 for some warranty work and I’M STILL WAITING for it to be finished. To be fair the dealer is as frustrated as I am with all the delays on required parts. In summary its a a Stelvio and its having the notorious valve rockers replaced.

I have emailed Piaggio UK twice now and just get a “we’re looking into it” email and nothing more. Its beyond a joke now, I’ve already lost one season of riding and now, unless someone pulls their finger out of their ar*e I stand to lose another.

Does anyone know why it should take 7 months to obtain parts?

ANY help would be gratefully appreciated at this point.


This is an independent owners club not a Moto Guzzi official site. There are people in the club who may be able to point you in the right direction though.

I understand it’s a independent owners club but is there no official MG connection to the club? I would have thought that there should be some representation from Piaggio/Moto Guzzi on here, after all this is the UK club for buyers of their brand?

I went through all this 10 years ago.Before the roller cam fix came out. (I had fixes 1 & 3). I think you will be doing well if you get anything for free. The bike must be well out of warranty by now and there wasn’t a formal recall. If you have full Moto Guzzi service history you may have a slim chance. but you will probably have to pay for labour. If you have no main dealer history, I would get the work done and pay for it. They are great bikes when they are going well. I lost faith in mine and bought a Triumph. Just before the roller cam follower fix came out! :unamused:

Hi Petronius4,
My understanding is that although there was no recall Moto Guzzi committed to repair any motors that suffer cam follower related problems.
My Stelvio was out of warranty and had no Dealer service history. Mine was purchased secondhand and |I was told by the Triumph dealer who was selling it that the job had been done. He was miss-informed! Piaggio supplied all the parts free of charge and I was charged the labour by the dealer who did the work. I then got a contribution from the Triumph dealership towards the labour costs as the failure occurred within 3 months of purchase. All round I was very happy.
I thought the Club had dealings with Piaggio through a Liaison Officer but maybe that has changed. If it has then it is something that should be looked into for the future.
Surely you, or your dealer, can get hold of someone in Piaggio UK who will take your case further. Have you tried dropping a note of complaint to Piaggio via The Clan, maybe that will yield some results.
Not sure if this helps or not.


My Stelvio had the cams changed by Twiggers, well out of warrantee time, Guzzi supplied the parts and I paid for the labour. I had a fully stamped up service book and receipts that helped with getting the parts free of charge.