Monza battery

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Would be interested to hear what others have replaced the standard acid battery with and if you’ve found it netter? IF you know the model number of the battery too that would be helpful, if the terminals are the same and if smaller dimensions have you added blocks or similar to keep it firmly in place?

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NTX Odyssey Works really well including winter use and periods left standing. Space filled with a tool kit and a piece of rag.
Have heard good reports on Motobatt which are cheaper than Odyssey,
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When I had a Monza back in the 80’s, the battery struggled to start after a day parked outside the office in sub-zero temperatures… I often had to beg a jump-start from a car owner.Anyway, I currently have a Motobatt in my Breva 1100, and it’s been jolly good - mind you, it does spend most of its time in the garage, on a trickle charger, and doesn’t go out below 10 deg C…Hope this helps!

The origianl one I have is a 12V 24AH. Looking at the Motobatt options, the 25AH ones can start a Harley Sporster et al which is somewhat bigger than a V50! The 20AH or 16AH (which is still a Honda VFR) are quite a bit cheaper. If the AGM batteries have more cranking power do you think it would be safe to go for one of the latter?

I was hoping to swap the battery between the V50 and 650 Lario as neither are going to be on the road for long periods of time during a year and the Lario is particularly clean. The Lario has a 27AH battery at present.

Thoughts welcome


Just put a new battery on the Spada, £60 for an AGM battery, time will tell how good it is. Same height and length as the old lead acid one, about 2/3 the width.

got a motabat agm battery on my v50 and very impressed, much smaller and lighter than original and spins engine with new found gusto!

Do you know what model Motobatt you have?

mbtx9u from memory

Sounds good. Looked at them and the 9u is only 10AH compared to the 24AH of the lead acid battery that came out.

Has anyone else had experience of fitting these especially with such a reduced AH capacity?



will double check the model number later when i’m near the v35small blocks spin over really well compared to the big blocks.specs say 12 volt 10.5 Ah 160CCA160 cold cranking amps should be fine10.5 ah is for long term output not short bursts of cranking

just double checked it the 18 not the 9