Monza red and Black

Can anyone tell me whether the original Monza in red and black had a metallic black finish. Mine is at the moment but I suspect its been recoated at some point though I still seem to have a transfer on the tank near the seat about the braking system I think. Also is there a RAL colour code or a BS code for the red. In the paster I used a ford rosso red for my old V50 and this seemed to be highly regarded as a good match of the original. I note some companies selling paints get you to enter the bike details and they come up with the correct colour. Any recommendations / tips would be helpful.



I wouldnt have thought that metallics would have been used for normal production bikes in the 1980s most Guzzi colours would have been common to Fiats of the time


Cheers. Didn’t think so.

Mind you thats not to say that a well applied metallic wouldnt look the business


Hi Martin,

A check in Guzziology lists the Monza as having a “Bright Black” frame, Moto Guzzi colour code 532 (Lechler Code is 90323, and Color Rite Code is 70005U). The full Moto Guzzi Liter code is 897392532. Teo Lamer do a touch up 8973 9120 0813. the other black is “Lotus Black” which I assume is for the tank etc. The Moto Guzzi colour code is 533 (Lechler Master is 12C, Lechler Code is 65204). The full Moto Guzzi Liter code is 897393533. Teo Lamer touch up code is 8973 9120 0802. Hopefully you can find a paint specialist who can cross reference the codes to an equivalent UK code and supply you with the correct paint
Hope this helps a bit.



My Monza was in original paint - plain black not metallic.

PS - I saw it on Car & Classic not so long ago - £8k.

Hello, my Monza is original red and black, no metallic. Should have kept yr Monza Ian!

Thanks to you all

off to local supplier to see what they can do. Will try to post photos once done.

I have done my Monza in Ford Radiant Red.