Monza starter motor

My Monza invariably starts straight away when at home but once it becomes warm and you stop for a coffee/fuel the starter motor will often not engage when the button is pressed. I resolve it by either banging the side of the solenoid with hand or removing the rubber plug at the end and pushing the activator in with finger at same time as pressing starter button. But l would prefer not to have to do this. Is this a known problem? Any suggestions please.

Have you done the “click no crank “ modification? Would need to find details but separates the start relay supplies so that both don’t go via the keyswitch.

I think he means it spins but not engages with the flywheel. Something heating up and expanding? Maybe time to overhaul the starter?

If this is the case, I’d suggest taking a coil section of starter apart, too much carbon powder might consume much of the force used to throw little cog wheel forward. Starter relay seems to work, as without incoming signal main motor wouldn’t spin. That signal throws little cog forward and lets the main motor to spin; so signal gets to starter, but makes just second part of the job. As the starter as a whole is Valeo DR6A model, widely used in dozens and dozens of cars(Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall), finding a spare one for a tenner shouldn’t be a pain - but mind some internals will be the same, but plenty of variants may make it hard to find exactly matching solenoid. Best to take it out and visit scrapyard. Something should reopen soon, in early December…

Thanks for the suggestions. When I press the starter button it simply makes a single ‘clicking’ sound, nothing spins. Banging the side with my hand it would seem frees something. I have taken the solenoid off in the past and everything seemed to move freely but better remove it again.

Aaaah, that makes a difference. OK, simple exercise, take little connector off solenoid, grab the pliers, and having them widely open connect both fat terminal bringing 12V from battery and above mentioned tiny spade sticking out of solenoid(sparks but safe). If starter engages and spins, the trouble is probably in voltage drop on way to the the connector, starter relays lose some of the voltage on their pins. Spray all the connections, or even swap the relay - this one shouldn’t be hard to find, even if new one looks entirely different to factory fitment.

Thanks, I forgot that if the pinion doesn’t engage it means solenoid doesn’t move, and if the solenoid doesn’t move the motor won’t turn, because the solenoid also works like a giant relay to connect battery Volts to the motor.

I remember it being metioned before (and quite likely more than once) how the rocking lever and suchlike in the solenoid that pushes the pinion can get crudded up or rusted so it’s seized, could be that, whatever it is I’d be having it apart for a good coating of looking at. :smiley:

Assuming it’s not the classic “click no crank” issue which is what adamigo means I think.