Monza Tyres

Hello, Could anybody give any feedback for some good tyres for my Monza? Looking at various web sites Bridgestone BT45 or Pirelli Sport Demons seem well thought off? I am no too interested in the life of the tyres as I do not do that many miles but good grip wet and dry is what I am looking for ideally. I am thinking of tyre size 100/90-18 front and 110/90-18 rear, is this what others would recommend or would a 90/90 be better on the front? Final question! I assume that tubes should be fitted as the original rim is not a tubeless type even though the tyres generally are tubeless now?

You can put tubes in tubeless tyres OK.

This year I wanted two new tyres for me Tonti to be put on as tubeless, but was told can’t do that, the rims are not ‘tubeless rims’, according to the official definition. So had to include tubes.