Monza Tyres

Hello, Could anybody give any feedback for some good tyres for my Monza? Looking at various web sites Bridgestone BT45 or Pirelli Sport Demons seem well thought off? I am no too interested in the life of the tyres as I do not do that many miles but good grip wet and dry is what I am looking for ideally. I am thinking of tyre size 100/90-18 front and 110/90-18 rear, is this what others would recommend or would a 90/90 be better on the front? Final question! I assume that tubes should be fitted as the original rim is not a tubeless type even though the tyres generally are tubeless now?

personally i hate the BT45, have to be over inflated to work and don’t suite older bikes.

Sport Demons were lovely on the new v7 demo I borrowed but look very modern

My v35 Monza ( long story…) has Heidenau K36’s on 90/90 18 on front and 100/90 18 on the back, they look 1970’s and I think really suite the v35/50 etc chassis

They are top quality GERMAN tyres not cheap indian etc.

Im on my second set and they work really well summer or winter

Had City Demons on my V35II and they were great. On my Breva I run BT45 and they are great for me. They can be a bit vague in a straight line, but get them hauled over and the Breva runs out of clearance before the tyres get close to letting go. Now the Nevada ie is another story.

A Guzzi Monza is a sweet handling little gem that doesnt need overtyre - ing, I like BTs…they do generally require higher pressures…I also like Roadriders…controversial I know  but on my Mk1 the footrests are on occasion on the floor in the dry… so grippy enough generally  I think…at a perishin Mallory last year…a chap on an old GSX1100 was going very well on Roadriders…wet performance not as good as the BTs tho…

Im with you on road riders, I had 1 front start to spit on the old T5 that Avon replaced with in few days FOC. I spoke to Adrian at Avon who assured me the compound has been changed stop the splitting.

BT45 made my T5 lethal ( i know it was a early 16" wheel bike ) but the road runners were much better suited

I like the Michelin M45 & they come in old Imperial sizes. Tubes definitely needed.

V50 Monza with Conti City and tubes.
AÂ bit skittish in the wet but otherwise fine.

I’m getting de ja vu ~ somewhere I’m sure I wrote about how last year I wanted 2 new Pirelli Demons fitted onto my '76 850 Tonti as tubeless, but was told can’t do that, the wheel rims are not tubeless compatible (original cast wheels). So have tubes in.