MOT for first registration?

In a recent Gambalunga there was a story about the restoration of a 350 GTS in which the author mentions raising the question: “although the bike was now old enough not to require an MOT, was one actually needed to gain first registration?” with the DVLA. Unfortunately he didn’t give the answer.

As I’m about to go though this process for this beastie any advice would be appreciated:
Moto Guzzi 350 Militare tipo IV by David Edmondson, on Flickr

Morning ,
having registered several bikes over 40years old in the last 18months an MOT is not required .
You will need …
Dating letter from a DVLA recognised club or person .
Fill in the simplified application form .
NOVA number if imported .
Purchase receipt .
Photographs of each side of the bike frame/engine number
and the fee(£55 when I applied)

They might want to come and inspect it this is usually contracted out but what ever you do make sure that the person inspecting it reads the frame/engine number as you do .

Good luck

Correct, I didn’t need an MOT to register my 1957 Ducati recently.
Make sure you double check all the forms. I didn’t notice that the NOVA had a mistake in the frame number. Easily corrected with HMRC but added delay. They did come and inspect, but only took 10 minutes to verify numbers.

Thank you both, very helpful.

Cheers, Dave

Ditto what they said. I added a form V112 along with my V55
As for filling in the V55 and what other documents to send, I used this guide and found it to be very helpful. I double checked everything and got a registration back in a couple of weeks, no inspection required. The bundle of documents, photos (The bike from both sides and the frame and engine number) etc I sent in was quite a bit and they send it all back on completion.

Thanks again to all for advice.
I have finally got a NOVA, initially I was told I had to get one from the auctioneers, who gave me the run around. Since then they have gone into receivership so I called HMRC and a very helpful person said they would sort it out. I had to pay VAT on the purchase price to get the NOVA but I can live with that.

For reference, the handy BSA Club notes are now at


And now it is registered, with MOT and Tax exemption. Waiting for a number plate and fitting new tyres.

Well done. She looks great.