Moto Guzzi 2023 Breakfast Meets, Yorkshire.

A series of informal breakfast meets in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds at the Seaways Café, Fridaythorpe. YO25 9RX.


Held on the last Saturday in the month, April thru September, these breakfast meets start at 9.00am and are open to all Buell/EBR and Moto Guzzi enthusiasts.

April 29th
May 27th
June 24th
July 29th
August 26th
September 30th

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See you up there tomorrow Chris

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Thanks, Chris. The current forecast looks good for the morning.

Saturday 29th April

An overcast morning in East Yorkshire, damp roads first thing and the threat of rain later meant it was a quiet start to the 2023 Breakfast Meets season. Thank you to everyone who attended. There was 1 Buell, 8 Guzzis, 1 Indian and 1 Ducati. Seaways Café continues to be an excellent location for these meets, and we would like to thank all their staff for making us feel so welcome.

Images: 2023 Breakfast Meets |

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Good to catch up Chris. Thanks for organising.

Due to a family bereavement, we are not able to attend tomorrow’s breakfast meet at Seaways Café.

Sort to hear that Chris. I will still be going up there, so will meet the troops

Thanks, Chris.

Some pictures from this morning’s breakfast meet at Seaways Cafe. Cracking weather. It was great to see you all

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Chris, many thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like there were 10+ Guzzis at the meet?

No worries Chris. There were 9 I think

A lovely morning for the ride over

We’ll be at Seaways Café for 9.00am on Saturday.

Apologies, I am away at the Moto GP Assen this weekend

Chris, enjoy your trip!

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Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s breakfast meet.

Event report, 27 images and MGS-01 video: 2023 Breakfast Meets |

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OMG one of my all time favourite bikes and I missed it!

And a Ghezzi Brian too!

You will go galivanting across to Assen…

We couldn’t believe it when John and Simon rode in together. Their machines certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Looks like a good turnout. Quite a few bikes I haven’t seen at the meets before