Moto Guzzi 600U differential lubrication

A bit of a long shot but does anyone know how the differential of a 600U is lubricated. I think it may be filled with grease but what sort and how much, I’m not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Can’t help with your question, but thought I’d have a browse of the manual. That is an amazing looking assembly of chains and gears, assuming yours is the same as the Trialce.
Just a thought, there is a guy in the new Forest that runs an Ercole. Would that be the same diff? He is on the Google Guzzi singles page and may be able to help.

Looking at the pictures and the drawing at the end, there appears to be a filler / level plug at the back, so I would say oil. Can’t find out anything from the text.

Dear Mike H and Don-Spada, thanks for your help. Your input focussed my mind somewhat. I had a proper look at the pocket manual that I have for a 600U and with the help of google translation found this -

Lubrificazione differenziale:
‘La lubrificazione del diffenziale si effettua levando i due tappi sulla scatola del riduttore, quello posteriore che serve per introdurvi l’olio, e il laterale di livello a destra della scatola.
Introdurre l’olio finche non esca da quest’ultimo tappo, indi chiudere. Per tale lubrificazione e consigliabile usare olio Extradenso (Quantita occorrente circa 1 kg)’

‘The differential lubrication is carried out by removing the two plugs on the gearbox housing, the rear one used to introduce the oil, and the side level on the right of the box. Insert the oil until it comes out of the latter cap, then close. For this lubrication it is advisable to use Extradenso oil (Quantity needed about 1 kg)’

So you’re right Mike H, it is oil lubricated. Goodness knows why I thought it was grease unless Menni Zucchi said something that I misunderstood.
And Don-Spada, I’m sure the Mototriciclo is the same. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

There we are - another piece of the puzzle and I’m thinking EP140 but will take off the to cover and have a good look at what’s already in there before I finally decide.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

And of course, when I take a fresh look at the paperwork I see that Moto Guzzi confirmed that I have a 500U not a 600U.
Minefield? You’re not wrong.


Fab! :smiley:

I also thought later, if it was grease on those chains, it’d just fly off, stick to the insides of the casing and that would be the end of that. :smiley:

Glad to have been able to help if only setting your mind running in a particular direction.
Have you come across the Google Guzzi Singles Group? There is quite a wealth of knowledge on there, but I have never heard mention of a 500 / 600 U. There are one or two Ercole owners, including Gordan De La Mere who has one down in the new forest.!forum/guzzi-singles