Can any body help me find the frame number on a dingo sport , I have found on the steering stock MGH-D49 015331 But I have been told this is not the frame number , So if somebody could point me in the right direction it would be a great help ( I think the numbers have been painted over ) .
Many thanks .

Barry .

Hi Barry,
This may help
Good luck

This is the reference I use for Guzzi frame numbers:-
All Italian vehicle numbers have a 5 point star either side of the actual frame number since 1947 I seem to recall reading so look out for anything with stars either side.

Hi Every body .
Many thanks for your help and advice , After getting in touch with Moto Guzzi Italy and phone call from them they still said the number i had was not correct , But with lots of phone calls and e-mails it works out that the bike is a Hispania dingo made in Spain , So now have a certificate and all is well .
Kind regards .
Barry .

Good result.