Moto Guzzi Family Identification

Good day to you, I’m new to the marque and would like to gain a bit more knowledge about our wonderful bikes. I own a new V7 850 Stone (2022)
I see that Guzzi have family identification, like the bikes I’m used to Harley Davidson and Ducati mainly.
I see CARC - Tonti - Small Block etc used to id the model family and would like to know where I could learn about what each one is and the models in the range …basicaly a history lesson. Is there a place on the here that I can read or can anyone recommend another source.
Many thanks Jimi

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The Wikipedia Moto Guzzi page covers some of what you’re asking - not the whole story, but an intro, maybe.

There are “Moto Guzzi” models and history books, too, if you want to go deeper. Just sing out if you need titles and authors.


The models you are mentioning are all fairly modern. Guzzi history goes back a lot further than those. You can read a bit here


I have a copy of Ian Falloon’s book “The Moto Guzzi Story” that is a great reference book and goes through the models in great detail. ISBN 1 85960 414 5 published by Haynes Publishing, price £19.99

My copy only goes up to 2000 and I’m not sure if it has been updated

Best wishes Chris


Thank you for your help, just what I needed.

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stupid of me, never considered Wiki, it’ll be a good starting point

Thanks for that, didn’t know he did one on Guzzi. I’ve got the Ducati one he’s done…should have thought of that myself.

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