Moto Guzzi paint colour/code? Zigolo

I am sure it must have been asked before - but where can I find the correct details for
the typical Red paint ( 1956 Zigolo ) , mine is a Guzzi Hispania and seems darker
than the usual photo examples ( having uncovered some original paint ) , Tar - Jim.

There almost certainly isn’t a colour code for a bike of that age. But if you take an original part with original paint to a good automotive paint supplier they will be able to scan it with a spectrometer to analyze the colour and mix paint to match. They probably will offer different paint types including aerosols for home spraying.

Think I’ve cracked it - Rosso Racing Red ( PDA4B ) looks the most likely.

Still struggling to find a solo style Saddle that fits / looks right - might have to be a
modified Bantam Seat , recovered with a fuller skirt at the front end ( to cover the brackets & bolts ) …the search :open_mouth: continues - Jim.

On my Stornello, I cleaned up a bit of old paint and took a walk around the car park to find a car about the same colour. I think I ended up with Ford Rosso Red, that’s a typical bright red. If you are painting everything then it doesn’t need to be a perfect match.